December 2021 Prayer By Pastor Alph Lukau – Don’t Fail to Join Us Now.


Let’s Pray. I speak good health
I speak against sickness and disease
Divine health is your heritage
It is well with you
You are healed by God and His power
Every door that the enemy had closed the Lord is breaking it open for you today
You are moving free today in Jesus name
You are blessed by God
The Lord your God is on your side and He is working miracles for you today
The Lord God who began this good work will fulfill it!


December 2021 Prayer By Pastor Alph Lukau – Don’t Fail to Join Us Now.

Your time is now
The moment of the blessing announced over your life is now
God has remembered you, His glory is coming to you
The Lord God is reaching you
Your life will never be the same again
Wherever you are, God is there
The glory of God has located you
I release the blessings of God over you
God will not fail you, the time of mourning is over


  1. Merci Seigneur pour ta gloire dans ma vie. Souviens toi de mon fils Dorien, toi le Dieu des miracles, des choses impossibles pour l’homme, SOUVIENS TOI DE DORIEN.
    Au Nom Puissant de Jesus

  2. Glory be to JESUS halleluia, Thank you JESUS Thank you Papa, I recieve the prayer and blessing and prophetic words of GOD in my family, Thank you JESUS Thank you Papa, Through your prayer PAPA my life is never the same,GOD the loving Heavenly Father never fails, Halleluia praise the Lord in Jesus ALMIGHHTY Amen

  3. Yes LORD,i receiveds every prayer prayed and prophetic declarations made by yr chosen servant pastor Alph Lukau.Thank you LORD for yr mercies towards us endures forever.Thank you LORD for hearing and confirming the words of yr true
    servantsaround the globs.

  4. Greetings Pastor Alpha Lukau, waiting for God blessing to overcome difficulty face daily. In health and financial crisis. I urge for your continuous prayers. AMEN

  5. Papa pray for me not get broke in December no mater what God provide me everything I need in Jesus name Amen

  6. Thankyou Pastor Alph Lukau, for your prayers, please continue pray for my health, l have a fibroid in my uterus,and should operate, but its risky for me, cause l already had two major operations in the same place, Pastor am not feeling well, am worried. Am a child of God sickness cannot control my body. Pastor please pray for me to get healing from Jesus Christ, the Alpha and the Omega, the binging and the end, first and the last who was who is and who is to come Amen Amen Amen Amen Amen Amen Amen

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