SEND Christmas Message To Pastor Alph Lukau , 10 Prophecies By Pastor Alph Lukau – (December 25th 2018)

David said in Psalm 3, “I am not afraid of ten thousand enemies that surround me on every side.” You would think with ten thousand enemies surrounding him, David would be worried, afraid, upset. But he went on to say, “I know victory comes from the Lord.” He was saying, “I’m surrounded by all kinds of enemies. I could be overwhelmed, but the reason I’m not falling apart is I know God is surrounding what’s surrounding me.”

Declarations by Pastor Alph Lukau:


-You will not die during the 40 days of fasting
-If you haven’t tried it before, try this one
-You can’t fast without praying. (Be prayerful)
-Fasting without prayer has no power.
-Fasting will not kill you but make you stronger
-Through fasting you sacrifice yourself
-Whatever you desire, will be granted to you through this fasting and prayer.
-There are situations that can only be solved through fasting
-There are kinds of spirits that can only come out by fasting
-After these 40 days of prayer & fasting the GLORY of God will manifest, YOU WILL TESTIFY.

Spiritual Warfare: Open your mouth and SPEAK

Cleanse me oh God. I renounce every evil covenant that is directly or indirectly linked to me. Devil the blood of Jesus is against you. I command you to leave my life NOW. I call on the FIRE of the Holy Ghost to consume right now whatever has been planted to bring defeat and confusion in my life. FIRE in the name of Jesus