First Sunday Prophecy Of the Month By Pastor Alph Lukau … December 2nd 2018

Are you living in the here, when God’s waiting for you there? Are you stuck in a disappointment, bitter over a bad break, angry over who did you wrong? It’s time to leave here and go there. There is where God will meet you. There is where the blessing is. There is where you’ll see the new things He has in store. The disappointment is simply a season; it’s not the rest of your life. God has already gone ahead. He’s already lined up the next chapter.

If you could see the plan for your life on a map, it wouldn’t be a straight line — there are stepping stones, curves, and detours that are all part of the path to your destiny. Stay the course. God works according to the law of gradual growth, so don’t be discouraged if your progress seems slow. It is better that things are slow and solid rather than fast and fragile.

Trust God’s timing and enjoy your journey. God’s timing is always perfect. Please don’t get discouraged. Just like a farmer, when he sows his seed, he doesn’t get the harvest the following week.


There’s a gap between sowing & reaping. And I really believe by the grace and mercy of God. I am reaping today things that I sowed more than 30 years ago. So please don’t get discouraged.

Your Miracle Is Here ….


  1. Thank you man of God, I claim it in Jesus name, Amen. I live in Athens and I would want to come visit you sir.
    My names are Henry Morris Edom.

  2. Sir please help me, my situation is not good. I have suffered a lot in my life and nothing is working well. Please bless me, open my doors so that I could help other people who are in need.

  3. Thank you man of God, the prayers I received it by faith in Jesus name,
    I am a minister of God in South Sudan, I need prophetic prayer in my life I have a lot of weakness, needs your anointing to push me and my ministry.thank you for your concern, I believe in your unique prophecy may God the Almighty keep you to impart our generation

  4. May the Almighty God the Father of Glory, the maker of heavens and earth Bless you sir. You’re ended a father. I lost my father full years ago but since I met you on YouTube I begin to feel better as if you are my real father. Papa Alph lukau. Through the teaching and messages from you, I told myself that I need to know the God of Alph lukau. I took a journey of 40 days fasting and prayer, today make it 35 days. With the message of today, I will indeed Trust God with all my heart and soul and strength in Jesus mighty name Amen. I will indeed wait on Him, my God, my Father. The God of all Grace he who called me into His Internal Glory, by my Lord Jesus Christ. After I suffer in a while, He will make me perfect, strengthen, establishes and settled me in Jesus mighty name Amen. Papa please join with me in prayer, that The Almighty God should perfect that which He has begun in me, I want to ascend on the hill of the Lord, I want to stand on his holy place. This is my prayer throughout this 40 days of my journey with Lord Jesus Christ in this fasting and praying in Jesus mighty name Amen.

  5. Thank pastor for these encouraging words. Pray for my family and i to do what is right. To be deliver from sin and to be bless financially.

  6. I greeting you in the name of our Lord Christ, I thank you my spiritual father, may the Good God grant you your heart desire, more grace, anointing and favour, pl Dady pray for me and family things are upside down in my family, thing are not too good for me and family.

  7. YES PASTOR ALPH _ I RECEIVE THIS GOOD WORD!! My miracle is here!!!! Tetelestai, an accounting term that means “paid in full” and also the Greek word translated “it is finished” When Jesus uttered those words, He was declaring my miracle was here!! The debt owed to His Father was wiped away completely and forever. He eliminated the debt owed by mankind—the debt of sin. I believe in my heart when I was saved – My miracle was even then. I LOVE YOU PASTOR ALPH IN JESUS NAME!!! I pray God blesses you for such good Word! I KNOW God is going to change my story. I will trust God’s timing and enjoy my journey. Yes God’s timing is always perfect. So I will not get anxious or get discouraged.
    Thank you for explaining how there is a gap between sowing & reaping. And I really believe by the grace and mercy of God, I WILL BE GETTING A BLESSING SOON because of my faith!!

    I RECEIVE this Word Gladly!!!

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