LAST SUNDAY Of the Year and Prayer For Liberation By Pastor Alph Lukau – December 30th 2018

When the enemy hits you with his best shot, his best will never be enough. He may knock you down, but he can’t knock you out. God has you in the palm of His hand. Nothing can happen without God’s permission. The scripture says, “A good person may fall seven times but the Lord will raise him up.” You may be down, but get ready; the Lord, the Creator of the Universe, the Most High God is about to raise you up.

I am praying for our Sunday Services in all AMI worship centres. I am praying for everyone who will be in church seeking God and those CONNECTING with us LIVE. I decree and I declare; you will not enter 2019 with the problems of 2018.


May God turn your life around. May God answer your prayers and give you peace in the name of Jesus!

I decree and I declare; you will not crossover into 2019 with poverty, lack, debt and sickness. On 31st December you have to be in the house of God.

There will be supernatural healing and financial breakthrough. 2019 cannot begin with the struggles of 2018. You will get what is yours by fire by force! You will walk among your enemies and they will be amazed. Receive it!