LAST Prophecy Of The YEAR and CROSS OVER Prayer With Pastor Alph Lukau – December 31st 2018

May I stand as a prophet of God and declare that tomorrow you shall eat (Numbers 11:18-22). You shall testify. You shall glorify God.
Before the last minute of 2018 you will testify. So shall it be.

May I prophesy over you? May I speak a word the devil cannot revoke over you? A word the devil cannot reverse?


Before the end of this season you will receive 7 shocking miracles in your life.

You are about to dance in the presence of the Lord. Who am I prophesying to?


This time tomorrow we will be in the House of God! Do not miss this moment. If you are truly far, you need to connect via LIVE Streaming.

May I prophesy over you? Before midnight on the 31st of December expect a SHOCKING MIRACLE in your life. If you will receive it, so shall it be!

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