December 6th 2018 Prophecy & Prayer Of Breakthrough By Pastor Alph Lukau (JOIN NOW !!!)

December 6th 2018 Prophecy & Prayer Of Breakthrough By Pastor Alph Lukau (JOIN NOW !!!)

You can’t pray away all the difficulties. There will be times that you don’t understand what’s happening: you went through a loss, a friend let you down, you didn’t get the promotion. Even though it’s uncomfortable, if you’ll have the right attitude, you’re going to come out refined, more valuable, separated from the things that are holding you back.

Dear Father God,


I hold up whoever is reading this right now. Lord, I don’t know their situation, but You do. I don’t know their heart, but You do. I don’t know where they been or what they’ve done, but You do and YOU STILL LOVE THEM. Father, I hold them up to You this day and pray You touch them, embrace them in a mighty way. Let all pains, agony, anxiety, depression, thoughts of being alone and confusion leave them right now. For You have a plan and a purpose for their life. Plans to prosper them and not to harm them, but to give them hope and a future. Lord, open their eyes to see You, their ears to hear You and their hearts to receive You and all that You have for their lives. For Your ways are GREATER than anything this world could ever offer…

Nothing is too hard for You. Comfort them and give them peace oh LORD. Surround them with Your love and mercy, in Jesus mighty name I pray… Amen!


    • Praise God for Pastor Alph Lukau and his wife, Mother Celeste. I’m praying that my body is healed in the name of Jesus and through the blood of Jesus. I’m praying for a saved and sanctified and peaceful husband who loves and obeys God and who loves my daughter and I. I would like for him to be rich and adventurous as it relates to traveling. I want to love him so much that I call him, “Lord” as Sarah did Abraham. I want him to reciprocate God’s love to me. I would love for us to have a ministry in Malawi and Ghana. And so it is that I believe! Amen! Thank you, Father God through Jesus Christ.

      Mechelle Dzoole

  1. Thank you Jesus Thank you Prophet,Yes Lord nothing is too hard for you ,In times of my trouble you there for me lord i need your deliverance help me out of my difficult situation,i receive it in Jesus name Amen ,

  2. Daddy, I received God’s will over my life. I went through hell but believing that one day My Father will let me out of all calamities that happens to me every day. Jesus is my Father for ever and ever Amen. GOD BLESS YOU Daddy,

  3. Yes Lord Amen Papa i believed and all the blessing that you blessing me help me to be the blessing for your kingdom on earth.yes Lord you know sometime i feel lonely,rejected,unlove.papa don’t pass me by when i attent IVP in Jesus name Lord deliver me

  4. Good morning my spiritual father, me and family receive the wonderful prayer, indeed Our good God knows our situation, He is hearing our cry everyday and He has a good plan for us. This good God will surely answer our prayer, thank you man of God may this Our good God bless you and family, more grace, favour and fresh anointing, has you are watering our life very morning this good God will surely water your life and family in Jesus Name, I love you. from your daughter in Sierra Leone

  5. Morning an Thank you Pastor Alph Lukau for the powerful prayer I receive in Jesus name I truly no that God have not forgotten me I receive every word to day in Jesus name.

  6. Please pray for me man of God,i was at the interview on the 4 December 2018,i am really desprate to have this job,i believe that this position is for me!Thank you Jesus

  7. Thank you dear Pastor Alph Lukau for praying for us to receive victory.
    I am thanking and praising my God and my Lord Jesus Christ, Amen. Your prayers have opened for me with my wife Sarah a window for peace and love that we lost since 2016 and if you continue praying for us then we will live in everlasting love and peace. My wife started hated me since 2016 and I believe this time round God will restore our first love.
    Pray for my wife to open her eye to see you Lord, her ears to hear you Lord and heart to receive you you Lord, and restore her relation with you in Jesus name, amen. I have for given her everything that she has done against me and I pray to God to forgive her too. I want a male child this month dear God, let my wife conceive with a baby boy and your name shall be praised in Jesus name by naming my baby boy Emanuel ( God with us). Dear Lord, I have been a victim of devil for three years and through God’s love and mercy I believe my suffering will come to an end today in Jesus name, amen.
    Dear God forgive me for my wrong deed, thought and words and let me with my wife and children receive you blessings today in Jesus Christ, amen.
    I have decided to follow you Lord and let my wife supported me as you would bless her heart to follow you too with me.
    Dear God, Let me get new and well paid job this time round as a sign of your blessings to my family. Dear God, I don’t have a plot in town and house to live in with my family. Dear God you are a source for everything and I pray to you this time to give me a plot of land and a house and your mighty name shall always be praised in my own house and I will make my house your house God.
    I don’t have a mobility meant and I believe you will provide soon in Jesus name, amen.
    Dear Pastor Alph Lukau, convey my above mentioned needs to your living God and my living God. Our God is not like other created gods that don’t have ears that hear and heart that loves and cares.
    Dear God I have received victory today in my family.

    Thank you Pastor Alph Lukau and wishing you happy Chris-mass.

    By Rev. Peter Atem Deng

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