JOIN !!! :- My Prophetic Declarations (July 20th 2018) Will Upgrade You – Pastor Alph Lukau

 JOIN !!! :- My Prophetic Declarations (July 20th 2018) Will Upgrade You – Pastor Alph Lukau

– Everyday you wake up, I want you to know that the eyes of God are on you. You are precious in His eyes. You are not just anybody. You are a sanctified child of God, you are a touch not!

 – My Prophetic Declarations (July 20th 2018)


1) Thank God for creating you wonderfully and beautifully in His nature. Ps. 139:14.

2) Father!!! From today onward, constantly; let there be a divinely inspired voice in my favour.

3) Decree to your destiny: My waiting and wasting time is over. My gestation period is over. My season of reward has come in Jesus name. Num.14:28.

3) Lo-debar means where useless people are dumped; say Father!! Relocate my destiny from the habitation of unfortunate people to the palace where I will fulfill my destiny in Jesus Name.

l4) Almighty Father! Please, show kindness to me and change my status for the better in Jesus Name.

5) Oh Lord! Whoever that is lording (ZIBA) over my inheritance, turn them suddenly to be the one serving me in Jesus Name.

6) Holy Spirit! Wherever I have disqualified myself, calling myself a ‘dead dog”, I cancel such errors and I am restored to my expected position in Jesus name

7)Father!! Lift up my head from affliction and cause me to live at the palace of my destiny from today in Jesus name.

8) From today onward, I connect my destiny with the King of kings. Come forth and show me mercy in Jesus name.