My Prophetic Declarations (July 30th 2018) – Pastor Alph Lukau

Baal is not God! How do you prove it? (1 Kings 18:20-32)
Baal also prophesied but the difference between our God and Baal is that our God answers! He answers by fire! Elijah heard from God and he was bold enough to confront matters.


You have to learn to confront situations in your life. Who told you that everything that happens is the will of God? There are times when you have to impose the will of God in your situation.

Take your home back, take your marriage back, take back your future. Take it by fire! No-one will take your gift, your health or your breakthrough.

So what do you do in the face of adversity? Elijah remained undeterred, unshaken and fearless! I am here to say, remain UNDETERRED, UNSHAKEN and FEARLESS. You WIN, they lose!


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  1. Thank you Jesus Thank you papa Alph i recieve todays prophecy in Mighty Jesus name ,Oh Jesus Jesus hear my humble cry i cannot to any thing without you oh sweet Jesus ,todays prophecy Is mine ,Oh Jesus i am sinner forgive my sin by your blood ,Allow me to Serve and work and serve others ,I love you Sweet merciful Jesus , Oh Jesus you know me my situition,i will not Worry or be anxious in my waiting you oh Jesus,bless me now to prosper in Jesus name i belive in oh Jesus,so shall it be In Jesus Mighty name Amen and Amen

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