Dr Oyebade Obalola Jerry Biography , Contact Details , Education Qualification ,  The impact of prayers can not be overemphasized when you are TTC.

The art of conception itself is a miracle, others have it easy while God chose some to experience delay because He wants to glorify himself through them. Dr Oyebade Obalola Jerry Biography , Contact Details , Education Qualification


Do not be tired of praying, be fervent, have faith and speak into your life.
The power of positive confessions works like magic, try to do this everyday, and your faith is bound to intimidate your challenges.

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God will bless your womb and grant you your miracle as your heart desires. He blessed the womb of Sarah and Hannah, He remembered them for good when others have forgotten them. He will remember you even today.

His word in Psalm 115:14 said He shall increase me more and more,2 me and my children. Personalize and pray with faith.
*Psalm 128:3 I am a fruitful vine in my husband’s house and our children shall surround our table.
* I shall not be barren, neither shall I cast my young ones, the number of my days shall the Lord fulfil.

You are next in line. Amen!!!


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