How Rev Uma Ukpai Was Kidnapped and Forced to Drink Acid (Full Story)

How Rev Uma Ukpai Was Kidnapped and Forced to Drink Acid (Full Story)

The Outcome Further Confirmed God Never Disappoint Or Fail His People.


“In 1978, we were the first to be kidnapped in Uyo. They invited me to a program where there was no church. They took me to the inner room and ask me to give them my car key and sign my cheque book.

I told them this money and car was given to me by Jesus, he must tell me to give it to you before I do so.

They said we shall give you a drink and you will see Jesus. I took the cup and said to the Acid. Whatever was your name you will now function like tea. I drank it and nothing happened.

Right where you are, there is a plan for God to transform your life. You are a child of power.

Your Enemies will always be losers. As you SHARE this post, God of Impossibilities will visit you this Moment.

Any hand that Type ‘Amen and share’ will be Favoured the way History Never recorded, In Jesus Mighty Name.


  1. Thank you Jesus , my enemies will always my loser . My office bullies , my mate bullies harvest their reward in the name of Jesus . Jesus will fight on my behave and we will be victories always.

    AMEN , Thank you JESUS for your great fight.

  2. Thank you Lord Jesus take the fight to my enemy because you say vengeance is yours victory is mine in Jesus Christ prophesy Amen

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