Evening Devotionals With Pastor Alph Lukau – (Last Thursday Of August 2018)

Blessing your enemy is a test of your character. They don’t need your blessing. God could have somebody else bless them. But when you prove to God that you’re not bitter, you’re not vindictive, you’re not holding a grudge, you’re big enough to swallow your pride and bless them, then God knows you’re ready to be promoted.

Jesus said in Luke 6:27 & 28, “Bless those that curse you; do good to those that hurt you; pray for those that mistreat you.” One test we all have to pass is being good to people that have not been good to us.



It won’t make sense to your mind. Everything in you will say, “Hold a grudge. Talk bad about them. Look for ways to get even.” Your job is not to pay people back. Your job is to bless your enemies.


  1. If we don’t forgive, should the Lord forgive us? May it never be so, for the Lord is Love and Grace, and by His forgiveness we are “ALL” saved who have asked Him to be our Lord and Savior. Thank you brother for your wisdom

  2. Man of God help me with prayers am in Kenya, I need my husband back,the devil has confused to the worldly things, I need him back in Jesus name before September we miss him with my daughter. Please help us.

  3. For all my inner desires to come to real life and begin on Sept 4th 2018 a bank appt. To proceed and begin to process my inheritance in ABSA bank in South Africa to a conexus bank account to be opened in Sept. To process over 20 million dollars and transfer into my new bank account. To write to ABSA customer service and bank managers one in Canada and in Africa. Requesting prayers for guidance and explore with caution in any future investment options to opportunities.
    Prayers for all those that think I’m crazy and that I’m not a liarface afterall. Prayers for more divine love and for more security options in proceeding one of my inheritances in 2018.Prayers for being more patient and to be more humbled in everything that I may face daily. Until my next entry.

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