Evening Spiritual Devotionals With Pastor Alph Lukau (JOIN US NOW !!!) – AUG 2nd

 Evening Spiritual Devotionals With Pastor Alph Lukau (JOIN US NOW !!!)

Open your heart as you join Pastor Alph Lukau in this prayer from the heart and prepare to encounter the Holy Spirit in a real, remarkable way!


“There are many talented people but there talent seems to be dormant. Ask God to help you serve Him with ALL your talent! Make it happen, in the name of Jesus Christ!”

– “This year, things will begin to unfold starting from July. My dear brothers, you have to be ready for battle. It’s our sin, our unfaithfulness. It’s only God who can save one from it. That is why you have to seek the face of God more than ever.”

– By the blood of Jesus, begin to disconnect yourself from any inherited curse and any bondage. Be disconnected in Jesus’ name!

The word Exodus describes the departure of the Israelites from the land of captivity (Egypt) to the land of liberty. For years and years, the Israelites were treated as slaves and lived the life of begging and turmoil. Until a day came that God remembered them and decided to set them free.

Some of you, despite having an inheritance in Christ, you are still accustomed to pressure, pain and turmoil. But hear the word of the Lord; in this new month, you are being set free and you are being led into your land of promise.

If you have been sick before, God is transporting you to your healing. If you have been caged, God is giving you freedom. Those who were crying before shall begin to celebrate. It is a new season for you, cry and fear nomore.

Receive it, in the mighty name of Jesus Christ!