Evening Weekend Devotionals With Pastor Alph Lukau (August 4th 2018) – JOIN NOW !!!

In this month of August, I declare that something great is coming your way. After seven months of experiencing the faithfulness of the God of Pastor Alph Lukau, I see you, finally coming to the testimony line to testify.


Declare your BIG is coming!!

– The breakthrough that is coming your way will amaze so many people. It will be so mind blowing that even your enemies will know that God is at work in you. Take it, in the mighty name of Jesus Christ!

– Today, I decree and declare that the enemy will regret ever messing around with you- God is changing your story and giving you that long awaited miracle, in the name of Jesus Christ!

– Never allow situations in your life to suggest that God is against you when the Word of God says that God is for you. Your Bible is your personal love letter from God, filled with so many promises pertaining to your life.

Today, pick up that word and begin to declare what He says. Let that word begin to transform you, reform you and elevate you, in the mighty name of Jesus Christ!


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