THIS IS A NEW MONTH – Can I Pray and Bless This Month For You – Pastor Alph Lukau Wants You To Start The Month With Him – FEBRUARY 1 2019

THIS IS A NEW MONTH – Can I Pray and Bless This Month For You – Pastor Alph Lukau Wants You To Start The Month With Him – FEBRUARY 1 2019

I Prophesy that this month will be a month of :

Financial Breakthrough , Miracles , Bank Alerts


Healing , Success , New Jobs , Happy Marriage

Health , Blessings from God – As you Read this message , i call on our Almighty God to Bless this Month for you , May You Prosper this Month , No weapon Formed against you shall Proper , This is my new Month Prayer for You – My Name is Pastor Alph Lukau

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When God speeds things up, when He causes you to break barriers, some people may not understand it. No, it’s not luck; it’s favor. It’s God shining down on you making things happen that you couldn’t make happen.

Stay on the high road. You don’t have to convince people to like you. Some people can’t handle your success. If they walk away, let them walk. You didn’t need them. If they left you, they’re not a part of your destiny.

God Will Bless You This Month


  1. Amen papa plz pray for my sister her name Phul kumari she is a nurse she work in hospital she always complain of her health bp sugar.and is so worried becos u know Paa i think of jelousy she got transfer far from her home town.Plz Daddy i feel so much for he. I belived distant is not a barrier

    • I need prayer for m’y d’augurer Tracey, 17. She always leave school and the house for long time. I belived distant is not a barrier in Jesus name. God bless you, Pastor Alph Lukau.

    • Amen and Amen Papa. God is using you to bless us, and May he continue to rain down blessings in abundance on you. Papa my family needs prayers and deliverance from set backs, and constant attack from the enemies. My goal is to attend this up coming IVP. Papa please remember me so my wishes will be fulfill. Amen

    • Pray for my marriage man of God sime forces are following it.Break them jn the name of jesus!And I receive the healing of my house.It must stand again

  2. Amen Pastor Alph Lukau!thank you!please pray for me so that can forgive my sins for grace and anointing and to be protect by the blood of Jesus forever and ever!and also pray for me to get a job I’m struggling so that I can build a house and marry and to bless what we do to build our future and pray for my family so God can bless them for what they want!my name is Deluc I don’t have money to come in AMI! I really want to come!

  3. I receive in the holy name of Jesus, i know this month i will be employed, financial break through will be a ringing tone in my every mornings, favour will be knocking on my door day and night and all miracles will manifest as it was said by the authorized mouth of God.

  4. Amen n Amen. I receive the month with all the blessing decreed by the man of God. Apostle ALPH LUKAU.

  5. Pray for me Daddy, I need a job,financial breakthrough,free from debts,my relationship with the father of my 2nd child to be a marriage, and break the curse of lack of job,marriage in my family.

  6. Glory man of God.
    I receive every prophecy in Jesus name that was release over me from this month forward halelujahhh!!.
    I receive it.

  7. please Man of God pray for me,i want anew job,finiancial break through and block all the plan of withcraft and satan,I Belieave in Jesus Christ Amen.

  8. Amen and amen.I claim this prayer in Jesus name.I shall receive breakthrough in everything this prayer request:I need financial breakthrough and I believe God will do it for me and my family.

  9. Man of God pray for my families children grandchildren mother sister brother uncle auntie neices nephew and my visa application breakthrough release before June in the mighty Name of Jesus favour is my name victory over flow in 2019

  10. Amen!!! and Amen!!! I claim all the blessings released by you, Pastor. I’ve suffered a lot in this world. At my age – 37, I can’t brag of anything tangible; but I believe in the Almighty God – Jesus Christ, that you serve will bring me through.

    Daddy, one more petition; please pray that God will over generously lavish His unquenchable GRACE upon my life as I’m serving in the church right now. I’m also trusting in the Lord for a big and fabulous marriage this year. I don’t have a dime! but I know by FAITH that the God you (Pastor Alpha) serve will bring that connection to sponsor my wedding.

    Thanks daddy.

  11. Kindly ask GOD to touch my health, finances, spiritual life, love
    life, career and business breakthroughs. May the GLORY of the LORD begin to shine in my life in Jesus name

  12. Please pray for me man of God for more anointing in the ministry, financial bbreakthrough, new car 4×4 pick-up nissan navarra, family.

  13. Man of God please pray for me, after passing my interview i did not get my promotion because i fogged my matric certicate but i still believe that my position is still waiting for

  14. I receive all God’s favour and blessings as you pray for me Man of God, in Jesus Mighty Name.Thank you for your prayers , God bless.

  15. Thank you Jesus Thank you Prophet,thank you Jesus for giving n blessing us a new month,Man God yes please pray for me and for my family,I receive what my Prophet prophecies so shall it be everything in Jesus name i pray Amen

  16. Yes Lord Yes Lord month of blessingz yes i am blessed. i feel blessed. I am blessed yes fatheri am favoured.. Yes Lord.. Thanku Pastor Alph Lukau..

  17. Man of God Alph Lukua please pray for my complete deliverance of financial loans to people even i cannot pay my rents etc, may Jesus shower his blessings upon me Amen Amen Amen

  18. Please pray for me man of God,my boss bought a car in 2016 n he told me that he bought it for me as a gift since iv been working for him for 15 years,my problem is that he doesn’t want to change papers for it and he doesn’t want me to go with it to my home…please pray for me that this situation can turn around and he do the right thing,thank you

  19. Father in heaven I pray for healing for me and my family. Facilitate 0pportunities for our breakthrough in finance, jobs in this month and the coming. Restoration of the lost things.

  20. God the send down your holy spirit with a miracle to take over the processing of my daughter passport to travel to Sudan. Break any opposing forces to hinder her traveling. Calm her down due to her illness.

  21. Father in heaven I pray for my son coming exams and hiring process for the job in Saudi Arabia. Lord be his helper because he needs this job to help our family. Give him the courage to make it possible.

  22. Father in heaven I pray for my son in law to be successful in his search for opportunities to establish his career. Bless him with wisdom to care for his family especially his wife. Let him not listen to outsiders misleading opinions.

  23. Papa please pray for my family to break the curse that is sign for my family not to prosper in any way, no marriage in my family, no breakthroughs yet I fast pray and worship the Lord.

  24. Lord I pray for my daughters destiny. I pray for their success in academics and have good husbands. The Married one let her be happy and wise. May many opportunities be open to her after she gets her health.

  25. Pastor alph lukau pray for my husband who does not want to me and my children. Yet we are helping him. Instead he helps people of his family. Grant me the wisdom to handle him. Subject him to be of help to us.

  26. Amen. I declare and decree that Feb is the month of my breakthroughs and my family. I’m sure that the God of Alph Lukau will locate my loved ones and me.

  27. Please pray for me to be in good health.Severe pain in left leg.Also I am trying out for a new job with best apportunity.I need a new flat in new building.God to bless me with house .My sister to be blessed with a child.My husband work business to grow.Praise God.Amen.

  28. Hello man of God, I beg you to pray for me. I am tired of sicknesses in my body. For more than 18 months of sufferances. Help me so I can could be delivered totally this beginning of February.

  29. Yes Papa pray for my brother Isiret Christopher he is suffering from Epilepsy since childhood and pray for my Financial breakthrough this month and forever more in Jesus’ name. AMEN!!!

  30. Pastor Alph Lakua come into agreement with me today by faith that every PROMISES in this season I will stay focused on you. And that No weapon formed AGAINST me has ALREADY in advance gas SCATTERED. And God will ARISE and EVERY ENEMY will be SCATTERED Amen.And that I have a healthy body and I Am already w as walking into my wealth that God already promised. AMEN. May a God kinda EXPECTATION of FAVOR CHASE me down every day. And by faith my soul will be on FIRE through the HOLY GHOST SPIRIT. And my FAITH will GROWTH will allow me always to BELIEVE the IMPOSSIBLE Amen.To the degree,whatever I say I will see..Pastor ALPH I PROPHESIED THE DOUBLE DOUBLE OVER YOUR LIFE AND MINISTRY AND FAMILY RECIEVE…..

  31. My prayer on this day that EVERYTHING that block me and hindered me be EXPOSED in the eye of man and ears will hear. I speak LIFE over every Promise and dream that it will go forth. My ministry is going on a new level. Opportunity are coming from the north south east and west by faith. Favor favor favor. May GOD bless PASTOR Alph Lakua in JESUS NAME SALEH

  32. Amen lord pls answer my prayer the father of my son that is 8 month left me alone ls lord I had been praying to frgt him BT its really hard

  33. Pray with me pastor Alph Lakau please we touch and agree in the spirit of God that healing finances and deliverance is my portion this February and I know there’s no distance in the spirit of God I pray for all of my sister that there health shall be restored in Jesus Name amen

  34. Pray for me today for Financial breakthrough, favour of god in every single aspect and domain of my life, may i always be a blessing for all the peoples around me. may all my children know and serve Jesus christ crucified, let them be filled by the intelligence of the holy spirit. let my family be always be full of the peace in our lord Jesus Chris.
    God bless you.

  35. Amen! Pray for me,my son and my Family for healing, financial breakthrough.I believe and have Faith this is my year of overflow. Thank you my Spiritual Father Alph Lukau you are my Moses .

  36. Hi Pastor Alph Lukau I’m from Guyana south America and i’m asking for you to interceed on myself and family behave we’ve been going around the same mountain for way too long.

  37. Thank You Jesus, I greet you my spiritual father, indeed papa, some will come and walk away, and they will never be part of your destiny, thank You my maker and finisher of my goal, please papa pray for me and family for restoration, healing for my elder brother he is blind and younger sister to have children, total deliverance, financial blessings to build our houses, marriage, promotion, grace favour and all the good things God have for me and family in Jesus Mighty Name Amen Amen Amen Amen Amen Amen Amen Amen

  38. Please prophet I need prayer for my finances for healing for my entire family and for all their debt to be free this month in Jesus name Amen.

  39. Thank you my father i receive it and I pray for u also may God always and always give u the strength to put us to book and walk according to the word I love u

  40. I pray lord for double blessing in my life and family we need Breakthrough as soon as possible but if it does not work give us the patient to wait for your miracle.

  41. Am Danquah Samuel, I have been following you on YouTube watching your videos and I strongly know you can help me get a job to help myself financially. Pastor do well to pray for me thank you

  42. Please pray for my husband who is setving in Gholsn Heights..peace keeping duties for him to serve the lord and repent and complete turn around with his spiritual life. My children to have reverence for the lord,my house renovation to be completed,my work to be protected and business to boom and also divine health.please also pray for my spiritual life to be uplifted for god to open my spiritual eyes and ears and to minister to the lost souls heal the sick and lastly my financialbreakthrough in my bsnk accounts and all my debts to be cleared. Thank you Daddy

  43. Amem, I received. Please pray for my family especially my daughter she need a break through she doesn’t have any children and she is getting up in age. We need financial break through , need to get a new place to live.

  44. Man of God I come before asking you for your continued prayer and blessing on my family and that we all get our passports. Man of God my sons need their passports and we are getting a lot of problems with the authority because of my family history. So man of God please please I am losing it not knowing where else to turn every door I enter is shut in my face and my sons is angry because I haven’t really given him the true story.,I know God as brought me this far and I know he won’t leave me now. And the bible says if two or more agree it shall be establish in his name. So man of God please keep me in your prayers. Thank you

  45. Amen. Divine protection on my family, may God arise &
    let all his enemies be scattered, back to senders for
    anything they have done and trying to do, May they fall in their
    own trap, so they will know, surely the Lord is with us in the
    mighty name of Jesus.

  46. l pray for financial breakthrough and love papa GOD you know my heart and also what so ever spirit to get from behind me papa.

  47. Hi pastor Alph Lukau
    Please pray for me I need good job and good marriage
    This is long time I have been struggling alone
    My sons need to go school
    They need help papa I don’t have anybody I know God can help me

  48. Please pray Ptra.Alph for our Church that the Lord will meet all our needs in constructing the building.May He sends us someone who will support the church willingly nd heartily.thank you

  49. Pastor l asked that you pray for me to received financial miracles and blessings healings my children to be successful and wealthy job at Exxon’s Mobile,for me to marry a wealthy husband a man after God heart and for me to become wealthy

  50. I need you to pray for the life of family faceing sickness and healing to my father facing difficulty or paster and my life too facing hardship in life

  51. Amen Man of God i watch your Livestreams every day they have motivated me i went home in December 2018 family reunion which i did not expect,your annointing has relocated me to where i am though the devil tries to disrail me im steadfast in FAITH and pray constantly im about to be paid my money of stagnation at work place pray ,pray Man of God i thank God through you i dont take your teachings for granted they have make me understand somethings which i thought i knew as a Christian thank you Pastor Alph Lukau and Bishop Celeste Lukau you are indeed annointe for difficult matters Amen

  52. Today My Prayer is No Weapons formed against me SHALL not PROSPER HALLELUJAH. God will ARISE today and EVERY ENEMY will be SCATTERED HALLELUJAH. Every attacker sent from satan POWERLESS army Fire on it. I speak cancelation over EVERY liar, manipulating SPIRIT, hindering spirit, witchcraft worker. I RETURN BACK to SENDER right now in the name of JESUS, may no one see you nor hear you anymore in JESUS name. Today I speak GODS Favor I call it down right now, and it is so HALLELUJAH. AMEN AMEN AMEN

  53. I recieve the blessings!! I believe and know that this month will be a month of :

    Financial Breakthrough , Miracles , Bank Alerts

    Healing , Success , New Jobs , Happy Marriage

    Health , Blessings from God – Thank You Pastor Alph Lukau, I receive!!
    Husband, children (all three)
    Weight loss

    I receive the blessing pastor Alph Lukau!!

    Thank you Lord – Expectation in Jesus name!

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