This is The First SUNDAY Of The Month – Join us In Our Live Service – February 3rd 2019

This is The First SUNDAY Of The Month – Join us In Our Live Service – February 3rd 2019

My Prophecies For you


Before the end of this Month , you will see a cause a Glorify that Lord ….

Financial Breakthrough will be your Portion This Year

My God will bless you.


The scripture says, “Is the arm of the Lord too short to deliver?” Do you think, somehow, His arm is too short that He can’t reach you—your problem is too big, you’re too far back, you’ve made too many mistakes, you’ve missed too many opportunities? No, the arm of the Lord is not too short to deliver you, to provide for you, to vindicate you, to promote you. You’re about to see God take you where you couldn’t go on your own.

People can’t undo every wrong. They can’t give you back the years that they hurt you and put you at a disadvantage. The good news is that God can. He said in the book of Joel, “I will restore the years that were stolen.”

Too often, we’re looking at what people can’t do. We should be looking at what God can do.


  1. Thank you Jesus Thank you papa Alph i recieve todays prophecy in Mighty Jesus name ,Oh Jesus Jesus hear my humble cry i cannot to any thing without you oh sweet Jesus ,todays prophecy Is mine ,Oh Jesus i am sinner forgive my sin by your blood ,Allow me to Serve and work and serve others ,I love you Sweet merciful Jesus , Oh Jesus you know me my situition,i will not Worry or be anxious in my waiting you oh Jesus,bless me now to prosper in Jesus name i belive in oh Jesus,so shall it be In Jesus Mighty name Amen and Amen

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