FIRST SATURDAY PROPHECY OF OCTOBER 2020 – Join Now and Receive Blessings

Prayer Time
Prayer Time

FIRST SATURDAY PROPHECY OF OCTOBER 2020 – Join Now and Receive Blessings

God will open doors, break yokes, bring healing and change your story around today. The enemy has already failed, your VICTORY is definite.


You may learn something, God may use it, but God doesn’t send sickness, He doesn’t send afflictions and addictions to teach you.

The scripture says, “If you being an earthly father give good things to your children, how much more will your Heavenly Father give good things to them that ask.”

Sickness does not come from God. There are forces of darkness trying to keep us from our destiny. The good news is that what the enemy put on you, God wants to take off of you.

Start calling in what you want to be. Put your faith out there. Call in courage. Call in greatness. Call in new levels. Call in your gifts. Call in your dreams.

Prayer Time
Prayer Time

Call in favor. If you’ll call yourself blessed, blessing will come. If you’ll call yourself healthy, healing will come. If you’ll call yourself favored, favor will come. If you’ll call your children fulfilling their destiny, then their destiny will come.


One of the best things we can do is remind God what He said. If you want to pray with confidence, pray what He promised. “God, You said You would restore health back unto me.

You said You took my infirmities and carried my sickness. You said by Your stripes I have been healed. You said You wish, above all things, I would prosper and be in good health.”

When you pray the promises, you won’t say, “If it be Your will,” because you know His will.


  1. Please pray for my husband Tokaata and my son Teunaia, they have been sick for a very long time now, please pray for their deliverance.

  2. Man of God pray for my wife she is not well her legs are swallen looking black her heart is not working well and she has short of breath. She is connected to your ambilicole cod as one December she visited as an international vistor please man of God pray for her

  3. Man of God pray for me and my wife so that we can bear child. its been 5 years now without having a child. PLEASE MAN OF GOD ALPHA LUKAU HELP US.

  4. Good day PAPA!
    I receive the promise of good health and wealth and my destiny is restored in the NAME OF JESUS CHRIST, restoration 21 folds.

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