First Sunday Of October 2019 – Don’t Miss To Join Us Now !!! – Pastor Alph Lukau

Sunday With Pastor Of God
Sunday With Pastor Of God

If your God cannot speak or hear, if your God cannot touch, heal and deliver, he is not God.

There are only 1 God.
His name is Jehovah Jireh, the Lord who provides us.
Jehovah Shammah, the God always present.
There is no god like him.

Sunday With Pastor Of God
Sunday With Pastor Of God


He is Jehovah raah, our shepherd.
He is JEHOVAH TSIDKENU, we are not without help.
He never stopped being Jehovah Rapha, he healed yesterday and he heals today.

You have entered the season of your testimony. You will bless the God of my father the apostle Alph Lukau.

Declare: I will testify


Are you sitting on the sidelines, discouraged over what you lost, what you didn’t get, what didn’t work out? God is saying, “If you’ll get your passion back, if you’ll start believing again, you’re still going to get there.”

Despite what you lost, despite who was against you, despite the mistakes you made, God’s calling is still on your life. Your assignment is still waiting on you. New levels are still in your future.