First Sunday Of the Month !!! – JOIN Pastor Alph Lukau (Live Service Today)

 First Sunday Of the Month !!! – JOIN Pastor Alph Lukau (Live Service Today)

If you have made some wrong choices in the past, do not get trapped in regret. Instead, dare to believe that God will redeem the past and restore your present. With Him by your side, you can move confidently into your future and make it. Your past does not disqualify you from His love!

In this month of breakthrough, the things that you thought were dead; God is going to wake up! You are going to birth more in the future than what you lost in the past, in the mighty name of Jesus Christ. We are praying for you!

Learn to assess the kind of people that you give access into your life. Jonah did not jump outside the ship on his own, he required people to throw him out so that the storm would calm down. You too, need to take a step to remove some people from your life- personally. Do not allow yourself to go through unnecessary problems because of wrong associations.


As I pray for you today, I declare that you shall be disconnected from every wrong connection.


  1. Man of God. Please pray for myself Teresa healing cure for my health & loneliness. To break curses of any enemy evil that has ruin my relationship bond love between my three daughters and sons grandkids parents. Brother and sisters. Family members. Please ask God Almighty to forgive all my family members for our sins restore our fortune financial wealth prosperity and abundance love strength careers jobs business homes families friends that evil poison has destroyed. For years.
    God Almighty please save us all and help restore my family daughters and sons and grandkids their partners to marriage in convanent of God. To help find me a great business man who loves me & marry. Thank you amen.

  2. Daddy i put my Trust in you i will Not stop praying untill i Receive my Freedom i wrote you a letter too. Locate me with your Mercy Lord Jesus.

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