My AGE , Date Of Birth And Full Biography – Pastor Alph Lukau (Wikipedia)

 My AGE , Date Of Birth And Full Biography – Pastor Alph Lukau (Wikipedia)

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 Reviews : My AGE , Date Of Birth And Full Biography – Pastor Alph Lukau (Wikipedia)

Pastor Alph N Lukau is the founder and General Overseer of Alleluia Ministries International. He is a Bible Scholar and a renowned International Speaker who ministers in different platforms around the world. Through his ministry, people are saved, healed, delivered, we have seen families restored and many miracles have taken place.

From Online Sources He was Allegedly Born On May 24th 1976 (Age 42 Years Old)

 Reviews: Alph Lukau Biography

  • He is a coach, mentor, father and leader among leaders.
  • As a spiritual father to many, he also submitted to the late pastor Jacques A Vernaud who was his spiritual father until his passing in 28 September 2011.
  • Pastor Alph is also known for his passion for perfection in service delivery and continues to set the standard for excellence in ministry.
  • He is also an accomplished businessman and is an icon in the market place.
  • He is married to his beautiful wife, the First Lady Celeste Lukau who serves with him in ministry.

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  1. Your God is real pray for the power of God to hit our church. Everything we pray for will come instantly by faith. Thank you for making the bible real. You are forensic, powerful and a man .comof grat faith. God bless. Thank you God for miracle signs and wonders

  2. Pastor Alph Kukau, I really enjoy watching the move of the God in your ministry I will pray and ask the lord to allow me to visit your church at less once because I know you have a word to give me that will come from heaven. I pray the lord continue to richly bless u and everyone around you.

  3. I claim health for you and for your entire family. I ask God to add more in your life so that you can continue to help others with this power of the great God.

  4. May God’s anointing continue to flow upon you Ptr Alph. Please pray for my financial breakthrough that I may continue to be an effective witness for His glory. God bless you and your family.

  5. Dear Pastor,
    Greetings in Jesus mighty name. I have been a listener and lover of your program for quite some time and I can boldly say the Lord is using you. I am a Pastor with a very small congregations in France. I want to be empowered from the above. I will like to Visit you. Obtaining a Visa is not a problem because French citizens are exempted from Visa to South Africa. Please give me an appointment as I know that your schedule is always tight. May the Lord continue to use you for His glory.

  6. my name is Gabriel Mamuzo Emas,am from Nigeria,pls pst pray for me against witches and wizard.things are not going well with me,but with God all things are possible.i also admired you a lot, I watch you on yotube everyday.

  7. Pastor alph, i have recently heard abt your ministry and its really annointed.Pastor i was incarcerated and have lost a lot in life. I want prayers to see the mighty hand of God in my life to move my mountains and pour my miracles that i have been believing for.
    I am corresponding from Pacific island


  8. Dear pastor ALPH thanks for delivering me and my family from all the yuks from the devil.i need some instructions from you how to deal with the properties where the charismatic church will operate .my wish is to exploit it together with AMI.please iam dreaming/wishing/praying that my country may experience your annointing and that we can cast out the devil as we did this humble regards


  10. Pastor Alph i have been praying to the Lord for a Spiritual Father and a Mentor and one day i was at work on youtube searching and came across your picture and GOD said to me that’s your Spiritual Father, and from that day i started to watch you. i have introduced alot of my Co-Workers to your Ministry and the are stucked to watching you. I am in Jamaica and Pastor the Devil is giving me a real financial fight everything going bad financially, my Ministry is also under serious attack. Ineed your prayers please Man of the Most High GOD.

  11. Man Servant almighty and loving God; indeed God when he opens the flood gates of the anointing, HE does it big time! Pastor, your anointing is simply extra-ordinary and amazing. I am watching your work so often now whenever I sit in front of my Laptop. I have a question for you: IS MY WIFE CHEATING ON ME, DUE TO MY INFIDELITY AND SINFUL NATURE OF LATE? I have struggled too in business for a long time now, just being used for crumbs of bread for survival, my children cannot be provisioned since I became born again. I need your help and prayers. Thank Jesus for your love me the sinner of sinners.

  12. Ps Alph, I bless the Lord for your life and that of the Ministries. May the Almighty God use you to settle me in my marriage and that my husband and myself can together bring your God and Ministry to this nation of Finland. The nation is thirsty for the WORD.

  13. Hi Pastor Alph Lukau. My name is Jane, I live in U.S.A. I listened to your preaching, and instruction to give an offering. I obeyed but was unable to complete transaction-the bank acct required a routing #. Pls advice/help so that I complete & receive my blessing, thx.

  14. He is really a man of excellency.So down to earth yet so effective and quintessential.i worked through the doors of Alleluia ministries little knowing that i was gonna experience the pinnacle of godliness.i always see tearful people as they come to grips with the fact that God is real and ready to help and not to judge.i personally have been through many struggles in life and didn’t expect in the least to experience god at the level Pastor Alp ministers.

    I was not even aware that God uses him in prophesy and,healing and miracles and so I have a lingering sense of awe and gratitude every Sunday as I walk through the gates of his ministry where i am also now a disciple.

    All I knew till then was that he was an eloquent man.

  15. Greeting in the mighty name ofJesus Christ. I have been watching your services on youtube a few months now, i can see the Lord is really using you to help people, I am asking you to pray for my for my family to be heal and deliverance. I am from Trinidad.thank you so much for your prayers. Amen.

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