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  1. Pastor Alph Lukau God Bless you in the name of Jesus, i asked you to pray for a job I got one, Thank Jesus for a job I thank Jesus for Bless me, The enemy trying to take my credit union,Resource One I’ve been with them for 4 of 5 years my car my credit charging me more money i do not owe. overdraft changes insurance on my car I told them 2 years ago cancel the overdraft they would try to put that on me. Papa men of God I don’t know what’s going on in my life out of one thing in another Jesus my heart is open come on in.I receive it in the name of Jesus, Pray for me God will heal my SOUL, Pastor Alph Lukah ( I BLESS YOU ) Henry Biggers USA

  2. Oh Lord direct me and put me where i suppose to be, horly spirit teach me the voice of my father, favour be with me whenever i am in Jesus name Amen

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