How The Heaven Looks Like (AI Digital Drawing)

So i saw these images online , and the creator stated that, that is How The Heaven Looks Like (AI Digital Drawing) , Mare looking at the pictures i was shocked , there are more than 50 Pictures shared , check some below.

The name of the creator is Henar Sherif , he shared the pictures with caption “Kingdom of Heaven
My latest AI series”


If you truly knew the great things God has lined up for you ahead, you wouldn’t be so concerned about those things you’re leaving behind. The moment you finally say “Yes” to pressing forward, your future is activated in a manner where miracles are lining up on your behalf.

Don’t allow the enemy to fool you into thinking that your best years are behind you. In fact, every moment in God’s presence means you never left your prime. Press on to new beginnings and strategies and watch God facilitate every aspect of your progression. It all starts with a “Yes” and followed by your press. The best is yet to come.