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Prayer for Instant Miracles


God above, I stand before You today as Your humble servant, powerless and weak when compared to Your vast excellence. In this world and the next, You control all, including my life and I stand to gain everything in my worship of Your name.

Lord Almighty, I pray for instant miracles that will turn the supposed disadvantages in my life to advantages. Your miracles will touch all parts of my life and testimonies will not be far from my mouth in my long life Father. I pray that You allow not the jest from my enemies and instead, make me a living wonder that will preach Your mercies all the days of my life. I thank You for Your answers and In Jesus Name I Pray, Amen.


The scripture talks about when you have faith the size of a mustard seed then nothing will be impossible. A mustard seed is one of the smallest seeds.

God could have said, “If you have great faith, if you never doubt, never get discouraged, if you always expect big things, then I’ll do something great.” God knew there would be times we wouldn’t have the faith we need to reach our destiny.

He said, “If you’ll just have a little bit of faith, that’s all you need. Then, I’ll do My part. I’ll exceed your expectations.” The fact that you’re reading this tells me you have at least mustard seed faith.

That means you have the faith for God to show out in your life. You have the faith for God to thrust you where you could not go on your own.


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  1. I recieve.By midnight today you enemy your not lucky.
    Your going to die to be tormented in jesus name.
    Every sound under the voice of papa Alph Lukau is going to be fulfiled in jesus name.
    Papa God bless and uplift you more.Your true man of living God.Salute

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