Prayer For Financial Breakthrough and God’s Blessings 2019 By Pastor Alph Lukau – JANUARY 10th 2019

May God help you do and be more for Him in this new year. I speak divine grace and strength in your life. May you achieve in this year what takes people 10 years to achieve. Divine speed in this year of the Overflow.

When God says Yes, who can say No? When God opens a door, who can shut it? GOD HAS SET YOUR BLESSINGS IN MOTION, no one can stop it now.


The expectations of the wicked in your life will NOT come to pass. Those who expected you to die before your time will wait a very long time. You shall not die but you shall live. You shall declare the goodness of the Lord in the land of the living. Declare I will not die!


We all go through things that are not fair: people do us wrong, we didn’t get the promotion, we came down with an illness. You can’t stop life from happening to you, but you can choose how you respond. If you hold onto the hurt, go around dwelling on the offense, thinking, “Why did they say that about me? Why did I lose that loved one? Why did my friend walk away?” Then you’re opening the door to bitterness.

When you’re bitter, it affects every area of your life. Bitterness poisons your attitude to where you see things in a negative light. You can’t enjoy life; there’s always something wrong. You may have a good reason to be bitter, somebody hurt you, but holding on to the hurt is only going to make it worse.


  1. Please pray for my family and I we need a financial blessing please pray for healing for my body from cancer and diseases.,please pray for marriage., two boys Cj and Duane Thomas will have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ

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