SUNDAY Prophecy With Pastor Alph Lukau + Prayer For Money – JANUARY 13TH 2019

2019 is your Year of The OVERFLOW
I decree an overflow of blessings
Overflow of money
Overflow of anointing
Overflow of power
Overflow of healing
Overflowing grace
Overflowing career
Overflowing finances
Overflowing happiness
SO SHALL IT BE. It cannot be otherwise!



That problem you think will never turn around, He’s already set up the answer. It’s not a surprise to God. He had the solution before you had the problem. Those things you’re dreaming about, the desires God’s put in your heart, they may seem too far out, but God wouldn’t have given you that dream and not made a way to bring it to pass. It’s already in your future waiting for you.

If you’ll stay in faith and not let negative voices talk you out of it, you’re going to come into what God has already set up.