January 2022 Prophecy By Pastor Alph Lukau

January 2022 Prophecy By Pastor Alph Lukau
January 2022 Prophecy By Pastor Alph Lukau

January 2022 Prophecy By Pastor Alph Lukau

Welcome to 2022 – your Year of The Outstanding!
God will make an exception of you. You will STAND OUT.
The light of God will SHINE upon you. This is your year of EXCEPTIONAL MIRACLES.
Somebody receive this word and shout Amen!!!!!!! #crossover #2022 #happynewyear

January 2022 Prophecy By Pastor Alph Lukau
January 2022 Prophecy By Pastor Alph Lukau


This your season to expand
To increase, to go forward, to take over
You are getting bigger every day
You will be outstanding and exceptional this year
You are a child of God and they will know it

This year you will see the glory of God like never before
In this year you shall be celebrated
This is the season of your elevation
You are about to be exalted in the sight of an entire family
What God placed inside of you will set you apart

You will be acceptable to man and you will be acceptable to God
You are not a commoner
God as built you differently
This is your year of the outstanding
You will receive the glory of God

God will glorify Himself in your work
Your plans will succeed
Your family, life and finances will come together
The restoration you have been seeking will come to you


  1. Pastor Alph Lukau, l receive them all in the mighty name of Jesus Christ the Lord , all the prophetic words that you prophesied will be manifest in my life accordingly in 2022 l decree and agree in Jesus name. Amen Amen Amen.

  2. /thank you for the 2021 which is full sad to me, but thank you Lord because you open the door for me and this year. Papa pray for my family which full of idols, there is no good relationship between my family and the family of my husband is not happy about his/her brother (my husband) Lord you are the one who have power to disconnect the evil spirit to the above mentioned Lord and restore us Lord. Amen

  3. Thanks papa,
    I agreed with you. I believed that the eyes of my spirit will be enlighten so that i can know the hope and calling you have for me.

    i received my portion in the Name of Jesus.

  4. Amen I receive it in the Name of Jesus thank you father I believe that indeed this is my year of outstanding miracles for God has spoken it over my life. I Bless his Holy Mighty Name. Thank you Jesus. Amen

  5. Dear pastor Alph greeting in the name of Jesus. Happy new year to you and your family. My name is Lilly Smith and I am writing you i am asking you for prayers you are my last bus stop. Papa everything, I try in b just business Dall to peace’s I try so many different things in my life, but nothing work out. Paster Alph I try everything nothing work out .at the moment i am setting up a hot sauce and jerk sauce buinss and it not going no where. Paster my youngest son is in prison the only way out is you are my only way out he also have two son Makhi Collins Rashad Collins they are getting out of control especially the 13-year-old.papa my youngest daughter also asking you to find her a husband she is 27 and don’t want to go back trough the hurt again so she is turning to you. Papa I am not well please pray for me and my family. I also have my citizenship interview to done the biometric and until now they cannot call me to the interview papa, I need your prayers I know you are my only answer .Sincerely Lilly Smith

  6. Amen Amen Amen I receive it declare & decree it thankyou
    keep me humble in humility
    you are an awesome great and mighty creator whom deserves to be honoured and praised and worshipped

  7. Amen i reveived papa i need so much financial brealthrough in this year my niece will getting married on 11th this month so that God will miracle.

  8. Glory Alleluia, Glory to Jesus, the Alph and Omega, Papa l claim all the prophetic words that you have mentions to be true in my life and all to manifest in me so shall it be in Jesus mighty name. Amen Amen Amen Amen Amen Amen Amen.

  9. Thank you Pastor Alph Lukau. Please pray for me for my our project that we will start this year. You know what it is. We pray for this project to be successful for us to contribute to the church of GOD as well. I need your prayer request at this time. I am starting the project this week in the name of Yeshua and by the power of the Holy Spirit I will succeed in his name. amen!!!

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