SUNDAY LIVE SERVICE 2019 – Prayer For Money By Pastor Alph Lukau – (JANUARY 20th 2019)

SUNDAY LIVE SERVICE 2019 – Prayer For Money By Pastor Alph Lukau – (JANUARY 20th 2019)

Day 7/40 I want you to know, just like Moses and the children of Israel – Pharaoh will not let you go. But hear the voice of your Maker. The devil tried to hold you, but he doesn’t understand that this time its different.


If he slowed you down last year, this year is different, there will be an OVERFLOW the devil like it or not. Who is receiving this word?

I am PRAYING for our Sunday Services in all our AMI worship centres. I am praying for everyone who is trusting God with us, those who will tune in LIVE and for everyone who will travel great distances to come worship God with us. If there is a man to PRAY, there is a God to ANSWER. Whatever you will come trusting God for may it manifest. May God give you VICTORY in every battle that you are facing. May He answer you in Jesus’ Name🙏


You may feel like you have disadvantages, some that you have no control over: what family you were born in, what social status, what nationality. But God doesn’t choose like we choose. He’s about to cross His arms.

He’s going to take you where you don’t think you can go. He’s going to give you influence, ability, favor that you didn’t see coming.

You weren’t supposed to be the one to go this far, you weren’t supposed to shine this brightly, but God has decided to bless you.


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