2ND Prophecy Of The Year By Pastor Alph Lukau + Prayer For Breakthrough – JANUARY 2ND 2019

Welcome to 2019! Those who thought you would not make it – lied!

I bless your January, I bless your February, your March, April, May, June, July, August, September, October, November and December are BLESSED of the Lord. Somebody declare my 2019 is blessed!


May God help you do and be more for Him in this new year. I speak divine grace and strength in your life. May you achieve in this year what takes people 10 years to achieve. Divine speed in this year of the Overflow.

2019 is your Year of The OVERFLOW
I decree an overflow of blessings
Overflow of money
Overflow of anointing
Overflow of power
Overflow of healing
Overflowing grace
Overflowing career
Overflowing finances
Overflowing happiness
SO SHALL IT BE. It cannot be otherwise!


  1. Amen I thank you papa to connect myself in prayers to be bless with miracles money will be in my bank accounts ,favor overflowing, my life will shines,open doors where ever I go inreasement,up liftment in my ministry changing lives transformed, restored lives of people making big impact in societies Cities will be Christianise,Nation will transfigured, impartation the word of God ,Healing, Root out poverty stop violence killing peoples, drug,alcoholic uprooted by force by fire let holy spirit guide us,Intervention, bringing solutions, preaching gospel

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