3rd Prophecy Of The YEAR + Prayer For Miracles By Pastor Alph Lukau – JANUARY 3RD 2019

The Devil like it or not, you are getting your miracle before this year ends. Nothing will be the same in your life from now on in Jesus name

I am SPEAKING into your Year of The Overflow (Psalm 23:5-6)

I decree and I declare; this year you will know NO LACK.
There is no spirituality or godliness in lacking.


This year dollars will come to you. Euros and pounds will come to you.
Gold will come to you. Silver will come to you.

Make God your Shepherd. You shall not want. Somebody receive it!


It’s good to be content where we are. It’s good to not always be fighting against everything, but we shouldn’t lose our expectancy. Just because it hasn’t happened yet doesn’t mean it’s not going to happen.

There will always be forces trying to convince us to settle where we are, but you have to stir up your faith. God didn’t bring you this far to leave you. What He started in your life, He’s going to finish.

You may not see how it can happen, but He has a way. When you believe, it allows the Creator of the universe to go to work.


  1. Amen i believed today we were living South Africa after attending IVP.So papa plz pray for i m not feeling well,so that i will reach home safelly.i need God power.i love you so much.i have pay money to joint Al Partner to support you Papa so.So i love connect wth u.i m fm India North Eadt above 13hr we came

  2. Jesus today is my day please locate me in your way. O papa i receive your miracles in the name of Jesus. Nothing will/shall be the same in my life from now on in Jesus name

  3. In 2012 i invested my money for the construction of my own house but till today they could not make payment and l live in rented house I am suffering too much please pray for me.I am from northeast India

  4. Thank You Lord you made possible for me to see this wonderful morning, I greeting you and lovely spiritual father, devil you like it or not me and family will receive our miracle before the end of this 2019, enough is enough, we will not lack, we will receive dollar, pounds and euros and we connect our faith with my spiritual father in Jesus Mighty Name

  5. Amen pastor I no God didn’t bring me this far to leave I receive yours word to day in Jesus name i receive it Amen Pastor.

  6. I’m requesting financial breakthrough prayer Daddy to buy my children a home.I’m standing in faith under your anointing and power in Jesus Name.Amen.

  7. I believe, I receive! This is my Year of The Overflow (Psalm 23:5-6) in Jesus Name!! I love you Pastor Alph Lukau and wife Bishop Celeste Lukau!

  8. Thank you pastor for the word. I was richly blessed it worth the sacrifice I made to view you live. I stayed awake until 1:00am New York’s time but it is worth it. Pray your strength in the Lord.

  9. Thank you papa just yesterday l received an overflow blessings of grocery from my sis in Aust was so blessed. I shared my blessings as well also from NZ and some money just NZ$50:00.Want thank you papa and say this is the start

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