FIRST SUNDAY Of The Year Prophecy + Prayer For Great YEAR By Pastor Alph Lukau – JANUARY 6TH 2019

May I prophesy over you? After these 40 days of Prayer and Fasting – YOU will see the GLORY of God. Once you see the glory you will testify, your demotion will be a promotion, what was closed opens up. In your finances, in your health it shall open up! I want you to join us. May God change your story, may He give you a new song to sing and answer your cry. May you RECEIVE it and so shall it be!


Stop telling yourself how hard life is and start declaring, “I can do all things through Christ who strengthen me. I’m strong in the Lord.” You’ve got to stir up His anointing, that’s what keeps you moving forward. Don’t compare your weaknesses to someone else’s strengths. The only way to break the chains of fear and doubt is to know in your heart that God loves you no matter what. God’s anointing is only activated where there’s faith. Instead of thinking about how it’s not going to work out and how you’re not going to accomplish your dreams, turn that off and start declaring, “I am anointed, I am equipped, I am empowered.” That’s when you’ll see breakthroughs.


** A Note to Self **

God made every single one of us unique for a reason. You are who God made you to be. Embrace that and pursue the purpose that He has for you. Waking up each new day is a gift. Appreciate it and do remember that you are loved. Welcome today with a smile. It’s a God’s gift to you. Life always offers you a second chance. And it’s called “tomorrow”.


  1. Jesus today is my day please locate me in your heart. Papa your true man of god i receive your every healing and your blessings i thank u from bottom of my heart. I am proud to say u that i am your daughter and Jesus Christ the lord’s daughter. In Jesus name i pray

    Amen and Amen

  2. i need salvation and deliverance in my family members, my husband sisters in low mother and mother in low and my siblings may the God of alph Lukua allocate my family in south sudan in JESUS NAME AMEN

  3. I need God’s blessings upon me.and Im glad to say that I’m so grateful to have you papa Alph Lukau in my life.thank you so much for being the person you are and may God continue to shower you with his blessings.Amen

  4. Good day man of God.. Please pray for me and my husband to get promotion at work.. It’s been over ten years stuck in one position..

  5. Bula Vinaka brother Alph Lukau. I’m from the Fiji Islands and been having lots of problems in life though am a believer saved since 2001. Grew up in a broken home fatherless and many times motherless. Now with a wife and 4 young children the devil has been trying hard to destroy what God has given built sustained and provided for all these years. In my moment of weakness I resorted to cigarettes n cannabis and began neglecting my priesthood thus indirectly allowing him to touch my family with his dirty hands. I’ve now surrendered my life again seeking after my first LOVE which I lost years ago. I believe in my call and purpose and hearing bout you just this week really opened the eyes of my heart and has ENCOURAGED me in the LORD. PLEASE SIR PRAY FOR ME AND MINE AS THE OPPRESSOR HAS BROUGHT TERROR INTO MY HOME AND AGAINST MY CHILDREN NOW THAT MY WIFE THREW ME OUT USING COURT ORDER BASED ON LIES AS SHE HAS HIDDEN MOTIVES TO LEAVE ME FOR ANOTHER SAYING HE IS BETTER THAN ME. INTERCEDE WITH ME SIR I PRAY. YOU ARE THE MAN OF THE MOMENT THE MAN OF GOD. YOUR NAME IS ALPH LUKAU. LOVE AND GOD BLESS. CHILDREN ARE IMMANUEL 8 HANNAH 6 JOSHUA 3 ISAIAH 3mnths Wife LAISA

  6. Amen pastor I receive in Jesus name waking up every morning is always a precious gift just to see the sunlight an smelling the fresh breeze that u in Jesus name.

  7. I won’t let you down or Africa down your a businessman role model and as a friend to me and a father figure I look up to you and AIM to be apart of your ministry’s charity work something I’m looking forward to helping the youth’s homelessness by buying and building and creating a home from all those with no homes in Africa I’m doing everything that I can to create a strong high tech online KdK Karma_darose_Karma to generate global money for all my global goals right now I thank God and utilize my social media for continuous funds and I’m moving to Africa this year and I’m coming to help your charity and I’m moving overseas to fight for a better and rich African Nation with so much to begin I cannot wait and look forward to making Africa my home Lord willing this is my dream job that I accepted and I’m waiting for emails from both banks TD bank & Absa bank I will keep you updated and keep you as a business role model hero I deserve my own mansion and my own Tesla vehicle and my own happiness and I’m saving up for my first jet and I need a secretary that is trustworthy to me Im tired of betrayal Im focusing on my real life goals Im working hard to keep Canada in the most safest hands ever and that’s the Liberals of Canada first and I want Canada to be richer with the pipe-lines and to see the Federal Grants I’m working on for my small businesses I have on the go to come to life

    I won’t let you down or Africa down I’m retiring by age 40

  8. Man of god i receive all the blessings and breakthrough may god give me strength to learn to fast may he bless me with marriage a job a house a car and a business may he bless my partner as well may he also receive financial breakthrough and may god help us with our debts in Jesus name so shall it be

  9. I receive this word in Jesus Name
    I am annointed,I am equipped,I am empowered in Jesus Name,,,I must qounger in Jesus Name,,,,papa pray for me,,,I must win,,,,I must go forward whether the devil like it or not,,,,
    Am not alone in Jesus Name

  10. I want closed doors open by fire by force weather the devil like it or not the new doors for healing,new job,may the heavens opened the flood gates in abundance and cause it’s raining to fall on me and my family in Jesus Christ name Amen

  11. Thank You for the word of God that keeps me strong and strongger each day. I receive it in the Name of Jesus.

    Merci Pasteur.


  12. Amen please man of God there is a woman who is busy talking about something that she doesnt know it could you please pray for me i have problem i need a nice life without any challenges it enough now

  13. God is good all the time i belive this is my time i have been watching you dady on youtube i have a big challeng in my life and family we are all scartert can you pray for us to come back together and live as one and also we need a home

  14. Thank You Lord, I also thank you my spiritual father for the time and patient for praying for us and send us prayer point, may God increase you with more anointing and grace, I declare that I can do all things through Christ who strengthen me, I connect with faith in Jesus Mighty Name Amen Amen Amen Amen Amen Amen Amen Amen Amen AMen Amen Amen Amen Amen Amen Amenoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

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