TUESDAY Prophecy Of MONEY and Prayer To End Poverty By Pastor Alph Lukau – JANUARY 8TH 2019

As Moses prayed for Israel. Alph Lukau is praying for you. That your enemies may fall before you. That you may dance in the presence of God. Join me for our 40 Days of Prayer & Fasting (14 Jan-22 Feb 2019).

This year YOU will take over.
This year you will marry.
This year you will give birth. This year you will see your children. This year you will have your business.
Your dream will come to pass.
I am not talking about years to come.
I am talking about this one.
Somebody declare 2019 is my year!



Be a person of integrity. Do the right thing when nobody is watching. Don’t let small things keep you from the big blessings God has in store. Start passing these tests.

If you’ll be trustworthy, honorable, a person of your word, because you walk in integrity, God is going to keep a shield around you. He’s going to keep you from making major mistakes.

You’re not only going to be protected, but you’re also going to see promotion, favor, good breaks, new levels, the fullness of your destiny.


  1. Jesus today is my day please locate me in your heart. Papa I receive it in name of Jesus I receive it. I am your daughter. In Jesus name I pray
    Amen and Amen

  2. amen,i receive the prophecy in Jesus name.Waiting for the coming monday(14th),wish could be even tomorrow for i believe every burden i have will come to pass through these fasting days.My God strengthen me for am planning to fast all 40 days without using tea,water or juice

  3. Lord help me to be honesty and practice great integrity even when no one is watching so I may not miss big blessings this year.

  4. 2019 is the year that my family will be lifted above every and all wiles of the devil. We will excel in all good aspects of life in Jesus name Amen

  5. Year 2019 is my breakthrough year in Jesus mighty name I pray
    I’m sending you this request to pray with me against spiritual battles

  6. I receive in Jesus name amen,I declare this year 2019 is my year,I pray to God to help me to have a strength to go through the 40 days fasting.

  7. Amen i decree and Declare victory victory elevation turn around before June this year my indefinitely stay visa release in Jesus Name i am choosen

  8. 2019 is my year of overflow,,,I am getting my blessings,my breakthrough,my finances,my everything in Jesus Name,,today is my day

  9. May this year be my year of financial breakthrough, I should be married and live a poverty free life in Jesus name. May God promote me at work I have 11 years without promotion. Oh God have mercy on me. Protect my family and my children favour shall follow me every where I go.

  10. Amen,I claim it
    May I b favor
    Doors of finances b open
    May u protect my family n I from sicknesses n dzes
    Give me d strength to always worship u

  11. thank you Jesus thank you Man of God,,i recieved it in Jesus name ,Oh Lord have mercy on my family and bless 2019 a year of flow ,Amen

  12. Amen, i receive it in the Mighty Name of Jesus Christ AMEN! 2019 will be my year of overflow for the Lord is my shepherd i shall not want 🙏🙏🙏✌✌✌

  13. I receive it PaPa… I’m praying for marriage and my relationship with R. Brewington and that God will grant me perfect health and beauty, wisdom and knowledge and boldness in Jesus Name Amen.

  14. I have been crying alot papa.But papa l know and l Know and l know 2019 is my year.Papa said, l recvd and yes l will partake in the fasting 40 days.Thank you my Lord and my papa

  15. Amen I receive my wealth in this year 2019 in Jesus name Amen. thank you man of God for this wonderful prayer points God will continue to do great things in your life.

  16. This is my year, yes 2019 everything that haunted in 2018, u are history in 2019.
    My business’s doors are opening
    Monitoring spirits will not have access to me
    Am going to serve God with all my all
    Wisdom and knowledge are my portion and am favoured beyond limits

  17. I decree and declare that 2019 is my year in the name of Jesus Christ through pastor Alpha Lukau the facilitator of miracles ,i will receive my promotion, break throughs,favour and healing.

  18. Thank You Lord, I give you all the praise you deserve it, I greet you and thank you my spiritual father for the effort and patient for deliver souls, this 2019, is my year, I will marriage, I will travel from country to country, I will build my houses my family will deliver and my finance will restore and things will work well for me and family for in Jesus Mighty Name

  19. Amen, I agree that 2019 will be a blessed year and that everything that I have prayed for will be answered in Jesus name.

  20. Pastor Alph lukau. Thank the almighty God for you. Today I am asking you to pray for me to get my pass port from the home office so i can come and see you. This is what I am asking you for my over flow of 2019
    The God of Alph lukau you alone is God.

  21. Amen Man of God. May your God makes up for me all the good I have missed. This year 2019 is my year, things will be arranged & put at their respective places, order spiritually & physically in Jesus name.

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