TUESDAY Prophecy Of MONEY and Prayer To End Poverty By Pastor Alph Lukau – JANUARY 8TH 2019

As Moses prayed for Israel. Alph Lukau is praying for you. That your enemies may fall before you. That you may dance in the presence of God. Join me for our 40 Days of Prayer & Fasting (14 Jan-22 Feb 2019).

This year YOU will take over.
This year you will marry.
This year you will give birth. This year you will see your children. This year you will have your business.
Your dream will come to pass.
I am not talking about years to come.
I am talking about this one.
Somebody declare 2019 is my year!



Be a person of integrity. Do the right thing when nobody is watching. Don’t let small things keep you from the big blessings God has in store. Start passing these tests.

If you’ll be trustworthy, honorable, a person of your word, because you walk in integrity, God is going to keep a shield around you. He’s going to keep you from making major mistakes.

You’re not only going to be protected, but you’re also going to see promotion, favor, good breaks, new levels, the fullness of your destiny.