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Jay Israel
Jay Israel

Jay Israel is Popularly called Jay Israel Senior or Pastor Alph Lukau Son , below is his Biography and Other Details like Wikipedia , Profile , History Of Pastor Jay Israel .

Pastor Jay Israel is not a Biological Son of Pastor Alph Lukau , he is Just his God Father , Jay Israel is an influential leader and serves as Senior Pastor of Spirit Life Church, located in East London. South Africa.


Note that Pastor Jay Israel Senior of Spirit Life Church is one such leader and regularly shows off his cars and luxury holidays. The pastor from East London is only 28-years old and is living a dream lifestyle.

Jay Israel
Jay Israel

Jay Israel Biography

Pastor Jay drives multi-million Rand cars donated to him by rich congregants and is currently renting a mansion in the affluent East London suburb of Beacon Bay.

Pastor Jay additionally appreciates going on vacation and posts from web based life show him having a great time with a gathering of companions on a yacht.

Pastor Jay’s representative Tabisa Ralawa declined to remark on her supervisor’s way of life and would not concede access to the minister to be met.

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Greetings Family
The lord clearly spoke to me about this coming Sunday.
He said to me I must lay hands and anoint all families and declare deliverance .
Family this Sunday is a must attend , if you are anywhere in South Africa make your way to east London this Sunday ..

Bring all your family members and do not forget to bring a bottle of water for a prophetic direction the lord told me to do for everyone

Share this message and invite someone
Number 8 factory road .East London .south Africa

He shared the Pictures below On Dec 29th 2018 and Captioned it

We landed safe with my Dad
I spent so much time with my father learning and partaking of the anointing upon his life …
He said to me ‘son the smallest things well done make a huge difference ‘therefore 2019 we shall take over the world ..I am ready Daddy …

I pray for you as you read this not to become a champion of wrong decisions and end up with regrets
Follow the wise and your life will be better

I am ALPH the 2nd
I am Jay Israel Lukau
I am My mummy’s boy

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There are people whom my father PASTOR ALPH LUKAU calls Masters of bad decisions
People who love speed more than direction