Face to Face With Pastor Alph Lukau – Send Your Prayer Request To God (Click To Join Us) – Sunday OCTOBER 18 2020

Prayer For Days
Prayer For Days

Face to Face With Pastor Alph Lukau – Send Your Prayer Request To God (Click To Join Us) – Sunday OCTOBER 18 2020

To everyone connected with us online LETS PRAY. We are PRAYING for our Sunday Services in all AMI worship centres across the world. God will shake the foundations of the structure that is holding you captive because of your TAHILA praise. Like Paul and Silas, PRAISE God in the midst of your struggle, PRAISE Him in your pain.

Sunday Service
Sunday Service


As you praise Him, the foundation of wickedness, the foundation of envy, the foundation of jealousy and the foundation of witchcraft operating in your life will be destroyed! So shall it be!

Whoever is standing against you and does not want you to prosper – may they catch fire NOW in the name of Jesus!


Sometimes, it’s not our own thoughts that are trying to discourage us; it’s what other people are saying.

People will tell you what you’re not going to be, how your dreams aren’t going to come to pass, and how you don’t have the training.

They can speak defeat all day long. But, here’s the key, they are powerless to change the blessing on your life.


  1. Thank you Papa for this opportunity I want God protection for my children and my business I need God intervention in my marriage and bearkthrough my father my father please let me know what to do again in this world I am suffering a lot enough is enough please Papa help me in prayers thank you I wanted to come to your church but I don’t have money to buy tickets please Papa I want to come there I know I will have my Testimony before I come there to share in Jesus name Amen

  2. What ever the devil took away from me it must come back in Jesus name,those one who doesn’t want me to prosper they mus catch fire.what ever the devil planted in my womb must catch fire in Jesus name Amen

  3. My prayer request to God, financial problem end I lost my contrac without reason pray for me to bring back this contrac.

    • My prayer request to God, financial problem in my hand end my house,2 I lost my contac for know reason last week pray for me I want this contrac back to me

  4. Morning Pastor Yes who ever is standing against me an dont want me to prosperI stand beside u an say may they catch fire in Jesus name an I speak healing into my life that I will continue to prosper thank u pastor for your prayers as we give God all the glory.

  5. I am always open for prayers. Please pray for financial breakthrough I always have a lack, my business is not prospering as it should. and finally my health. I would like you to prophesy over my life. thanks you Pastor!!!

  6. Praise the Lord pastor..
    Am Catherine from Nebbi Uganda.
    Pastor in the name of Jesus I know you are there for my sake cause I know through you Pastor God will answer my request..
    1. I salary increment according to the government scales schedule not according to the greediness of some of the officials of the district..
    2.I also ask God through you to give me a husband who would be there for me and would take me to the alter and one who fears the Lord and he who would be there in sharing all the goods and the bads of the relationship.
    #Man of God, there is this boy friend I have and he is called Blanchard kibangula.And I really want to inquire from you is he right one or not..as per our staying we don’t stay together..
    He is a Congolese staying in Mahagi and am a Ugandan staying in Nebbi.. but the distance between Nebbi and Mahagi is not much, it’s only 45minutes ride when with motorcycle and 30minutes drive with a car..
    Please Pastor do me some thing I do believe in you so much..
    God bless you

  7. Thank you Jesus Thank you Mighty Man of GOD,I recieve todays prophecy in Mighty Jesus name ,Oh Lord have mercy on me ,Lord please open the flood gates of Heaven ,Oh Lord bless me now oh Lord ,Bless my children guide my family in Jesus Mighty name Amen

  8. Man of God please pray for me iam 45 years single mother of 2 kids my son is jobless and have nothing to show need financial breakbthrou for starting a business paying school fees arrears for my house rent where I worked have not payed my dues please man of God I believe your God is a miraculous God destiny changer God powerful healer God

  9. dear beloved please pray to me for family curse between hasband and wife,anointing water,grace,and financial breakthrough god bless you shalom shalom.


  11. I’m a victim of satanic delay that’s retarding my financial breakthroughs. Anytime there’s an opportunity for financial blessing i face insurmountable obstacles even when there are proofs that I’ve met the requirement.
    I need deliverance to get rid of this negative vibration.

  12. Thank You Jesus, for this wonderful morning, I give all the praise, I greet you my spiritual father I connect faith with yours, prayer for my elder brother to receive his sight and got permanent healing, wisdom for my children to pass their exam, protection, provision, healing favour, grace and fresh anointing for my children. total breakthrough and deliverance for my family, to restore my menstruation, marriage, promotion in my place of work, divine blessing, favour, grace anointing and connection for me and my family and all the good thing our Lord has for us it will manifest this remain four month in Jesus Mighty Name Amen Amen Amen Amen Amenooooo

  13. Amen, I believe what the good God said about me & my family,
    the good report you preach, servant of God, so shall it be for me & my heirs. Bless you my Prophet

  14. Amen I Believe in Jesus Mighty Name all Gods word declared about me in AMI together with the overseer Pastor Apostolic Prophet Alph Lukau I receive all in the Higest name of Jesus Christ

    • Pastor Alph I have been praying for the power of the HOLY SPIRIT to descend on me for me to be able to speak in tongues and heal my family and friends but I am still awaiting impartation of the gifts. I dreamed recently that you held my hands and you prayed for me. My Spiritual Father…….. Can you pray for my desires to be fulfilled? I thank you my man of god. I believe that by channeling my request through
      you and your intersection on my behalf, it is done in the name of Jesus. Thank you man of God! Amen! Alleluia! It is done!

  15. Prophesy over my life in Jesus name, Papa watch you everyday live on videos. Thank God He has a man in these time to use as His prophet. God bless and keep you. I invite you to my country!!

  16. Pastor. Praise be to God for his blessings on your day.
    Pastor am a Ugandan. I need a husband. Please pray to God to give me my own husband who is God fearing and can take me to the alter of the Lord

  17. Blesses you Daddy. I follow you everyday.both the raise of prophetic voice and let’s pray.
    Daddy !
    I really need a miracle prayer to stop this storm in my life.tomorrow is to far Daddy.I know that when you step in my case everything will gonna be well and you are able to do more beyond imagination.
    I need my breakthrough financial.
    I believe it and I receive it in Jesus Christ mighty name AMEN.

  18. God bless you prophet i been watching you quite some time now prophet i want u to pray for me nothing good is coming i been struggling for some year please pray for my healing breakthrough and deliverance in my life

  19. God bless you prophet i been watching you quite some time now prophet i want u to pray for me nothing good is coming my way i been struggling for some year now please pray for my healing breakthrough and deliverance fanancial breakthrough in my life

  20. Good morning daddy, it’s me again have my email about my detail,
    Please reply to me please.the ivp date is approaching and I don’t know what is my ismy plan, please
    Thank you and May God bless you for your players .over my life Amen and Amen🙏 🙏 .
    Till I here from you.God bless .

  21. I have a eviction notice believing in God for a miracle I am 56 year on disability and dealing with a son who is homosexual with HIV and anger issues who can’t or won’t work I can’t talk to him he don’t know how much I love and want the best for him he uses me as a pit stop oh and he is on drugs. Your Sister in Christ Nellie

  22. To God be thy glory, i greet you my spiritual father, me and family connect and receive total healing, breakthough, deliverance, my brother to receive his sight, my sister to have children, marriage, my children to pass their exam protection for me and family and all the good things our good Lord has for me and family shall manifest in Jesus Powerful Name Amen Amen AMen AMen Amen Amen Amen Amen Amen AMen Amen Amen Amen AMen Amen AMenooooooooooooo

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