Koinonia : Apostle Joshua Selman Biography , Age , Wife , Prayer Request , Tribe , Phone Number , 2019 Songs , 2019 Messages

Joshua Selman
Joshua Selman

Koinonia : Apostle Joshua Selman Biography , Age , Wife , Prayer Request , Tribe , Phone Number , 2019 Songs , 2019 Messages , State Of Origin, QUOTES , Podcast , SON , Daughter , Children , Cars , Net Worth , House , Businesses , PRIVATE JET.

Apostle Joshua Selman Biography

Apostle Joshua Selman Nimmack is a Nigerian Televangelist, and a revelational teacher of the Word of God. He is the founder of Eternity Network International (ENI), a ministry he started March 2011.

Joshua Selman
Joshua Selman

A graduate of Ahmadu Bello University Zaria, Apostle Selman started preaching the gospel and ministering to people during his campus days, along with some friends, they ministered to fellow students at different gatherings where they were privileged to preach.


Born June 25th 1980, he is also the host of KOINONIA, a weekly programme organised by the Eternity Network International (ENI) where people come to experience WORSHIP, WORD, MIRACLES AND LOVE, experience true intimacy with the Holy spirit and learn to be with Him, be like Him and represent Him.

Apostle Joshua Selman Age

Born June 25th 1980 (39 Years Old)

Apostle Joshua Selman Wife

Apostle Joshua Selman is currently not married, thus, Apostle Selman has no wife yet.

Apostle Joshua Selman Prayer Request

Call : (+234) 0814 721 4444

Apostle Joshua Selman 2019 Songs

1.Voltage Revival Series Day 4 Session 1 Joshua Selman What Could Be Wrong

2. Spiritual Shifting (Tongues of fire) by Apostle Joshua Selman

3. THE SECRET PLACE -Koinonia with Apostle Joshua Selman (3rd June)

Apostle Joshua Selman 2019 Messages

1. THE ALTER OF PRAYER | Apostle Joshua Selman Nimmak

2. Chanting In The Spirit-Apostle Joshua Selman

3. Things Of The Spirit Conference – Day 3 Morning – Apostle Joshua Selman

Apostle Joshua Selman State Of Origin

Samaturu Zaria, Kaduna state in Nigeria

Apostle Joshua Selman QUOTES

  • Don’t Eat Tomorrow’s Food Day … You Will Die Of Hunger Tomorrow

  • Don’t Wear Tomorrow’s Cloth Today … You will Walk N@ked Tomorrow 

  • Don’t Be Ashamed Of Rising Gradually 

  • We sincerely appreciate every platform (website) that distributes our messages but we want to seriously warn that our messages are not to be exchanged for money. Please beware of scammers. Call our official lines for further enquiries.

Apostle Joshua Selman Podcast

None for now , we will update you Later

Apostle Joshua Selman SON

The Great man of God is not yet Married.

Apostle Joshua Selman Daughter

Please Note that  The Great man of God is not yet Married.

Apostle Joshua Selman Children

As at the time of Publication , he is not yet married.

Apostle Joshua Selman Cars

He don’t enjoy material things , he make use of any available car he sees.Apostle Joshua Selman Cars

Apostle Joshua Selman Net Worth

He Net Worth is Valued at 2 Million Dollars

Apostle Joshua Selman House

He Owns a Comfortable house in the heart of Zaria , Kaduna State

Apostle Joshua Selman Businesses

He is a Pastor with Other Chains of Businesses

Apostle Joshua Selman PRIVATE JET


No Record of Owing a Private Jet is Recorded.


  1. Thank you so much Apostle for allowing God to use you mightily.You are such a blessing in my life.I was at a verge of giving up on God but ,you rescued by soul with your reviving messages.please receive love from Namibia…

    • Please how can I meet with the man of God physically bcus I have been following him online and he has been my secret mentor

  2. Apostle Joshua Selman is my spiritual father anytime any day.
    In a time like this when we have many false preachers calling for offerings and tithes, Apostle Selman stands out and focuses on fulfilling divine purposes and destinies for His life.

    Sir, I can’t love you less!

    You have significally boosted my spiritual and financial life.

    May you be blessed in every ramification sir

    Thank you for yielding to the call of God!

    Thank you for not swaying away from the call of God!

    You are a rare gem sir!

    However, if you are in search of a website to download Apostle Joshua Selman messages, you can dowmload them to your phone now by visiting

  3. I am desperately hungry to just visit him in this coming August/September when I visit Ghana from UK. I’ve been trying my best to get his contact or to chart live with the genuine agent that works with him, but is not garrantee as I’ve got a lot of fraud starts nowadays. So perhaps you can assist me on how to come to Apostle J.S’ services so I can meet him.And if it happens that I am to wait for 2 to 3 days, will there be any assistance to me to overcome any hospitality issues please? Please provide all the info on the flight ports and how to get to different services of his please. Thankyou and be blessed!

  4. I just want to still appreciate God for you sir… You have been a blessing to dis generation… I have been reading ad listening to some of ur articles not as a mentor but as a man of God you are ..
    I had a mentor but the more my mind is been enlighten of the Gospel of chirst, it started crashing wit dat of my mentor messages…
    And today during my prayers @ the prayer gardens, I ask the holy Spirit to show me who is my mentor… Even without finishing the word I saw u sir .. standing right in my front ad my eyes were filled with tears and immediately I downloaded one of ur messages..things of the spirit .it was a blessing and activation to my spirit….since it has been ordained by God I hope one day I will knee as u ordained ad bless me… Hope to be with you my spiritual father bless you sir

  5. Man of God you are a blessing to our generation may God bless you abondently in jesus christ name.
    Every sermon I watch of you brings knowledge and true revelation of the power of the holy spirit; we love you with a pure heart may God continue to add more grace.
    I live in south Africa.

  6. God has just been so faithful to him
    I believe we upcoming will be a vessel unto Honor if we deligently seek God will all of our heart

  7. Hi, my name is Prince Efedudu from PortHarcourt. Please I need to attend any of apostles program. Please can I get an update for his next event? I need a touch from him

  8. Apostle Joshua Selman, I am always blessed by preachings, I desire to see you where ever where you will ministering that I may fully tap into your anointing. May God protect you and keep on using you mightily for His Glory.

  9. Thank you so much sir for all your message and songs especially your chant, it has help me alot whenever am down in spirit to pray. I always wish you will be my mentor. More grace sir

  10. In our morden generation, it will be very difficult to be inspired by a man of God.
    You have been the greatest man who has empowered me in my daily life, words can never express how much I appreciate you Daddy,
    My secret mentor, my spiritual father and everything.
    May God increase your anointing in Jesus name

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