Sunday Live Service With Pastor Alph Lukau – July 18th 2021

Sunday Live Service With Pastor Alph Lukau – July 18th 2021

The 5 Stones | Prophetic Healing & Deliverance Service
1. The 1st stone – God is on His throne
• When the enemy comes you’ve got to let him know that God is still on His throne.
• What has shaken man has not shaken your God. Your God does not lose control
• With the first stone, Goliath was defeated.
• But you can’t have one stone.


2. The 2nd stone – God has the last word in your life

• Because of this you have victory.

3. The 3rd stone – God loves you
• The reason you cannot be defeated is because God loves you.
• Your sins are forgiven because He loves you
• The plans of the enemy will not prosper because He loves you.

4. The 4th stone – Have faith in God
• If you have faith in God you will always arise in Him
• If you have faith in God you will have victory in God.

5. The 5th stone – Be prophetic
• For you to overcome this Goliath you need to by all means be aligned with the prophetic.
• The prophetic is the weapon that the Lord has given us in this generation.
• Unless you are prophetically aligned with God you cannot stand.

You may not be the biggest one in town. But the eyes of God are upon you. The hand of God is upon you. • 1 Samuel 17:40
• You are the chosen. You and your house are destined for greatness.
• It is not possible for you to borrow the weapon you will use on the enemy
• God is equipping you. God wants you to have your five stones.


  1. Amen 🙏 I receive all the 5 stones of Jesus on me my son daughter my mom my brothers sisters all nephews and nieces amen in the mighty name of Jesus praise u Jesus 🤲love u jesus❤️ Thank you lord Jesus 🙏 for all ur love peace grace blessings on us all 🙏 DADY I THANK U MAY JESUS BLESS U AND YOUR AMI MINISTRY I PRAY 🌹🙏🌹

    • Halleluia Glory to JESUS,Thank you JESUS Thank you PAPA, I recieve the five stone prophetic words for me and for my family,Oh Lord Jesus Christ design our Hearts and our house for your greatest in Jesus ALMIGHHTY name i pray Amen

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