1. Prophet of God prophesy money into my bank account for me. I live in a nursing home with no family to come see me. But I know it is God’s will for my life. Yet I pray and cover all in the Blood of Jesus from this place. It is well with my soul, all is well! You Pastor prophesied over me and God set me free. Glory to Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior Redeemer Forever. I honor God for you my Father in the Earth and I thank Him for allowing you to bring me forth into the Prophetic realms.

  2. Prophet Alph please prophesy money into my account in Jesus Name. I receive by faith it cannot be otherwise. Lord may I receive from your prophet today.

  3. I pray for that the Lord to blessed my account with money and blessed me with a job and a wife and a job and a house and a car amen

    • Please Pastor Alph Lukau, prophesy money into my husband’s account as I don’t have an account, I really need money for our living and small business as we’re getting old over 60 years and not working, please Man of God please prophesy…Amen

  4. Amen Thank you Lord Jesus Christ 🙏 I receive the prophetic word by faith and I believe with all my faith that in my bank account I will receive the miracle money in the mighty name of Jesus Christ Amen and Amen 🙏

  5. please my i need money in my account to pay my debt please loard may i receive your prophet today in the name of jesus

  6. father alph lukau i know i can have a money in my account tonight im speaking a power thorou your name im calling upon you father calling money in my account tonight

  7. Welldone .God bless us all.Kindly prophesize for me to get $40000 on each account of mine in DFCU Centenary and Bank of Africa.From any Angelic source this month.Was promised to get $40000 from Amazon. Let be done this week.Angels and Archangels support. Amen

    • May God bless the work of his servants and open doors of success. Thank you Lord.May your blood bring us happiness. Amen.To God be the glory.With full faith I hope to receive money and pay my debts and start businesses.

    • Dear Rusiimwa Conrad, I just want to say to you Thank you for your miracle money. as I went to check my account, there was a miracle money a Sum of £240 pounds in my account. God bless you.
      Thank you.

      Gillian G. Inyang

    • Yes prophet pray fervently prayers for me to get my financial breakthrough,miracle money in my account in the mighty name of Jesus Christ AMEN and AMEN,there is nothing impossible for God,and i believe in God,and i believe in you my spiritual father,i receive and claim now in Jesus mighty name AMEN

      • Please pastor pray for a miracle money for a break through to in able me to start my own firm. I believer in you my spiritual father.
        God bless you.

        In Jesus name Amen.

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