Week END Prophecy : Open Your Doors Of Success – Click Here To Start With Pastor Alph Lukau (June 8th 2019)

You’ve given birth to the sweetest season of your life;
Your affliction has given birth to a new song
What was difficult shall become easy
What was locked is now unlocked
Go and get what is yours in the name of Jesus!


Giving Birth to Judah | Genesis 29:31-35


The Lord has seen your affliction. The Lord has heard your cries. There are men and women here crying out for love feeling rejected like Leah (Genesis 29:31-35), you find yourself looking for love in all the wrong places. You cannot make a man or a woman love you.

If you put your affection on the wrong things you will never be satisfied. LOOK UNTO JEHOVAH. Every good and perfect thing comes from the Lord.

From this day – Go on your knees and speak to Jehovah. Give God your PRAISE

Judah is a child given by the Lord
You will give birth to Judah
God will give you the finances you are looking for
He will open your womb and give you the child you are seeking Him for
He will bless your marriage with the love you are looking for IF YOU WILL BEGIN TO PRAISE HIM.

If you look up to the Lord you will testify
I declare that the situation of your life has CHANGED, you are giving birth to Judah through your praise. May somebody receive it!


  1. Amen I receive it in Jesus Name. I will praise the Lord at all times and his praises shall continually be on my lips.

  2. Thank you sweet sweet Jesus,Thank you sweet sweet prophet Alph ,I recieve ,i recieve,i recieve,Todays prophecy in Mighty Jesus name ,Oh Lord i recieve 7days miracle blessing is for me ,I trust i believe alone on to you oh Lord Miracle working God nothing is impossible in your hand ,i put my confidence in Jehovah Shamah,Rafah Nissi,Oh Lord i am a favour of God ,Nothing shall i fear Amen

  3. Man of God the Man i respect my life has changed since 2017 i started watching you in You Tube ,even if some people try to frustrate me its for some sec and i switch on my Phone or Computer i watch and Pray and Listen to a God Send Man of God ,he comforts broken souls by his preachings i respect you and Love you with all my heart im peggy Tuelo Ndaba from Botswana

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