Start This Week With Me And Expect a Miracle – Pastor Alph Lukau (Last Week Of Sept 2018)

 Start This Week With Me And Expect a Miracle – Pastor Alph Lukau (Last Week Of Sept 2018)

Listen to me, unless the Lord helps you, no one can help you. Whatever you have that is not from God will not help you. I break the yoke of the enemy over you.


I command every work of satan to be destroyed in the name of Jesus. THE LORD IS YOUR PROTECTION. Call on His name. Plead the blood of Jesus Christ over your children.

May the PROTECTION of God be your portion today. So shall it be, it cannot be otherwise

As you go out this week, may the Lord go before you to make your ways perfect. May it be well with you in all your endeavours in Jesus’ name. Happy new week.

May the Lord cause His face to shine upon you this week and bring favour your way. May you know Him deeper and love Him better. Amen. Have a great week ahead.

As you traverse this week, may the Lord guide you and make every crooked way straight. May the Lord bless the work of your hands and make your way prosperous. Have a blessed week.
May God bless your rising, may He bless your honest work, may He bless you while you rest. May God bless you in all that you do throughout this week and always. Amen.


  1. thank you Jesus Thank you Mighty Man of God ,I recieve today powerfull prophecy Breaking of genaration obstacles in Jesus Mighty name ,Yes very much true Mighty Man of God ,hands are tied in my family ,the witch and wizard must die now now now by the Sipirt power of Mighty GOD,Devil you are a liar today there will be no escape ,i shout fire fire fire fire fire to witch and wizard must die now now ,I am a child of GOD ,I will prosper ,i am a winner ,i have victory in Jesus christ ,devil you are a liar ,I am a conqueror Glory to Jesus Mighty name i am bless in and out me and my family is save in Jesus Mighty name Amen

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