Last Words Of Prophet TB Joshua

PROPHET TB JOSHUA (June 12th 1963 to June 5th 2021)

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“One life for Christ is all I have; one life for Christ is so dear.” – TB Joshua

“Prayer is a two-way conversation: You talk to God and He talks to you. Don’t forget that God is Spirit and those who talk to Him must do so in Spirit (John 4:24).


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If you are not talking to Him in Spirit, it is not in truth and so it is all nothing – in vain. God listens to you as you pray and replies in relation to the state of your heart. God is interested in the state of your heart – because your heart is the prayer room!”


  1. Prophet TB Joshua is the very first African prophet performing healing miracles that I have come across on the web. It was while watching the videos of his ministry that I discovered Pastors John Chi, David Ayedepo, Jeremiat Omoto, then Pastors Emmanuel Makandiwa, Alph Lukau, Uebert Angel, Shepherd Bushiri and Chris Oyakhilome. I take pride in realizing that God has honored Africans and my faith has grown. I said if God asks me to choose between becoming President of the Republic or Pastor endowed with the gift of healing, I will choose to become a man of God as Prophet TB Joshua. I can say that the discovery of TB Joshua and the pastors I have cited has changed my worldview and my daily concerns. After my work, I spend my time looking on the web at the activities of these men of God. During the weekly fast that I observe from Friday to Saturday, I pray for all the prophets and pastors and other men of God that I have known on the web. May all the African churches keep and grow, I firmly believe that it is only through these churches that Africa will emerge from darkness and poverty. SHALOM Prophet TB Joshua !

  2. Thanks be to God, God says in any situation we should give thanks, God what You have given us, You have also taken it, we thank You God for everything. I extend my sympathy to the Joshua family to take heart, our spiritual father his sitting at the right Hand of Our Father, Glory be to God because he died with Chirist, although it is painful to all of us but God know best why He call our spiritual to rest, let all of us take heart in Jesus Name

  3. Iam very shock & sad and lost for words to express infront of my children & wife when Con.Message came on..
    Just shared tears because distance is not a barrier..
    Back here in my country Papua New Guinea NO Prophetic Pastors/Prophets and a young man of GOD namely Pastor Esekia Tomon always pray for me prophetically and point to to the Prophetic..
    Because no prophetic in my nation,I started shop the internet in 2014 for the prophetic ministry and PROPHET TB JUSHUA came on so I hooked up with him.. Because am prophetic, his prophetic preaching changed my whole life so much.
    Than Pastor Alph Lukau came on in 2017.. Than Benny Hinn.
    From 2017 to current am with Pastor Alph Lukau..
    Papa Prophet TB Jushua, I have received more from you and owes you so much like Pastor Alph Lukau.. Your departure have bring sad but now sons have to stand out and carry on the Prophetic in the prophetic arena..
    Great people in the history of bible have died and gone but it is the prophetic part of still lives today and so many years to come till KING JESUS come..
    Papa, Rest-In-Eternal-Peace..
    To the dear wife and children, please carry on with the prophetic..
    To GOD be the Glory in JESUS Name.. Amen…

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