May you be blessed going out, blessed coming in. Blessed in the city, blessed in the field. Whatever your hands find to do will prosper in Jesus name. YOU ARE BLESSED BY THE BEST, WITH THE BEST and FOR THE BEST.

I sense that God is sending you comfort and turning your situation around. Your prayers have been heard. Hold on tight, you are next in the list of God.Liberation Prayer


Liberation Prayer

1. Prayer of Liberation:

For anyone whom I have knowingly or unknowingly hurt in my lifetime.

I sincerely pray for all the individuals whom I have knowingly or unknowingly hurt in my life.

I ask that the content and energy of this prayer will be used to comfort, educate and liberate anyone whom I am guilty of hurting.

I ask that this prayer energy will heal them of any resentment and pain that they bear because of me. I am sincerely sorry.

I realize that it is only when I have made amends (whenever possible, directly) to all those whom I have hurt, that I can be truly forgiven of my wrongs and released from accusation on earth and in the spirit world.

I further realize that genuine repentance and forgiveness are manifested only:

By apologizing for my past wrong doings, when possible and/or appropriate.
By not repeating the same wrongs
And by endeavoring to do only good in my thoughts, words and actions.
Lead me to overcome all that is not in accordance with your will, Heavenly Father.


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  1. Please prophesied me papa Alph Lukau am eagerly waiting for you,am dying papa,please please

  2. Please papa pray for my family and loved ones. I need a miracle in my financial life. Papa please pray for me so that God can bless my financial life and relief me of debts.

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