IF You are Online , Can You Send Your Prayer Request , Pastor Alph Lukau Wants To Pray For YOU – Click HERE – March 5th 2019

IF You are Online , Can You Send Your Prayer Request , Pastor Alph Lukau Wants To Pray For YOU – Click HERE – March 5th 2019

As you Submit your Prayer Request TODAY … I Call On Our Heavenly Father to Bless you with your Heart Desires , Heaven will come for your Sake , is your Time to Laugh , another Miracle is coming your Way.


God is about to display His awesome power. Not just so you can see it, but so all those around you can see it. David said, “God prepares a table before for me in the presence of my enemies.” Not hidden; not in private. God is going show out so the enemies, the opposition, the naysayers will all see you promoted, honored, in a position of influence.


God is going to show out not only to take you into your destiny but to prove to the people around you that the Lord is on your side. What He’s about to do in your life publicly is not going to leave any doubt.

It’s one thing to say God is on my side; it’s another to see the Lord is on my side. You’ve been saying it. You’ve been faithful, believing, expecting. Get ready; you’re about to see it.

God is about to do something so big, so unusual, so out of the ordinary, there won’t be any doubt to you and those around you that His favor is on your life.


  1. Pastor Alph could you pray for my country the young people are going crazy shooting and killing . We need divine intervention to restore my country to the peaceful place it once was. pray that my government will make the right not the wrong decisions regarding the economy.My country needs economic help.We need jobs for our youth.we need a spiritual awakening ,our youth seem to be LOST. Thank God for divine help for my beloved country.Expose whoever is doing wickedness in secret and may they be punished. Heal my country as I repent on our behalf.Remember the prayers of our forefathers and let this country be for them and their descendants. Once again I bless AMI and Alph Lukau as I and everyone and my country will be blessed. Thank you.You do a great work.You have been a blessing to many hearts and lives as we follow AMI from all around the world.

  2. Please pray for my country.I repent .I ask God,my heavenly Father to remember the prayers of our forefathers and heal our land. We desperately need Divine intervention and help.Economic spiritual ,social. Whoever seeks to destroy let them be exposed .May God bless AMI .Stay strong thousands are praying .

  3. My prayer request, I want God to grant me victory for me to pay my debt. And I to serve God all my life. God protect me and my family.

  4. Hello man of God,am so broke I need money can you please do it for your daughter.am tired of going from 1 church to another looking for help.please I believe in your God.

  5. My father in the Lord I need your prayer to heal me from an ailment that I have been battling with for the past one year and which I cannot disclose for others to read. I have the belief that you know my ailment even before I pronounce it. I need a miracle to get me healed of this ignominous disease. I also need a miracle prayer for promotion in my work place this month of March. In Jesus’ name I’m sending this message with implicit faith that I’m going to receive the answers to these two requests.


  7. Dear god im writing this prayer to u tonight Lord i need u to renew my streght lord dont let me ever be missled in anyway i pray that every stronghold over my downfaal that u Lord will break it right now in The Mighty name of jesus Pastor Alph u are a big blessing in My life and i pray that one day God will locate u to me praye that God will send me tht blessing i have been praying for help me to do Gods will and that i will hear his Voice more louder and that God will make it louder to me amen

  8. My lord my God, thank you for the food I eat, air I breath, water I drink and most of all for sending your only begotten son to died for my Sin. I have nothing to repay you but to thank you, thank you, thank you for all your goodness to me. Amen.

  9. Hi Papa
    I live in USA and I watch your ministry every day
    I like it
    Same time I will love to visit your church one day in South Africa
    Please papa pray for me
    I lost my job mysteriously
    My son not well and not working not going to school
    I need financial restoration in Jesus name
    To pay for my mortgage don’t want to lose my house
    I want to travel to South Africa and I want my dreams to be true

  10. Lord I thank you for the beautiful day and for everything you have made possible. Father today I come with a heavy heart, when I went to collect my document I did not receive it. But God I know that there are thing that only you can do and I pray this is one of them. If I don’t get this document my son won’t get his. And Lord you scripture says ask and the Lord will give you the desire of your heart. And Lord this is my greatest desire right now. And I am trusting you now more than ever. And I thank you for always having my back and loving myself and my family unconditionally. Amen

  11. please pray for my machine house and spirit of Esther upon me, and financial breakthrough, deliverance for my family cast out the sangoma spirits and spirit of poverty

  12. My life is mess. Pray for me man of God. My feet are sore and painfully it’s been fours . I have consulted many people without help. I need a job it’s been four years not working and I have lots debts and blacklisted.
    My matter is urgent

  13. Thanks for all God has been using you to do in people lives. I want to key in on this blessings and protection for my children wellbeing and want God to send me a helper so I can pay my children’s fees. May God replenish his pocket in Jesus name Amen.

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