27th Prophecy Of The Month and Bank Alert Prophecy With Pastor Alph Lukau (May 27th 2019)

27th Prophecy Of The Month and Bank Alert Prophecy With Pastor Alph Lukau (May 27th 2019)

For every deliverance there is a deliverer (Exodus 7:10–12).
There is a Moses for every captivity.


The presence of a prophet in your life is a sign that God has remembered you. It is evidence that your life will never be the same again.

The one that God has sent for you has been equipped for you.
I stand as a Moses in your life and say that you have been REMEMBERED by God.

God has remembered your family. God has remembered your finances. God has remembered your marriage. He has remembered your business. God has remembered your children.

Somebody shout Remember me Lord!


Does your vision increase around your friends or does it decrease? Do you leave motivated, inspired, challenged, or are you discouraged, negative, drained? I’m not saying every friend will inspire you, but you should have one or two friends that light a fire on the inside, that push you forward.

If you only invest in people that are at the same level as you, you’ll get stuck. Find a mentor, somebody that’s been where you want to go. Just like the wrong people will pull you down, the right people will pull you up.


  1. O lord. I love you. I Will niet mistake doet help mej. Thank you lord for nuiw lefen. Iam your child. Iam well. Goli gost welkom in me mijn huis lefen. Use me for you job. I am blesd. Amen

  2. Lord in the mighty name of Jesus I pray for a big financial breakthrough for my children and my mother and young brother in Jesus mighty name I pray Amen

  3. I receive it in Jesus Mighty name, I need spiritual breakthrough and financial breakthrough plus marriage breakthrough… I believe that the Lord is faithful and He will do it for me, I believe in the God of alph lukau

  4. Thank you Jesus thank you prophet for today’s wonderful prophecy I received it in Jesus mighty name Oh Lord remember me today in my life and for my family in Jesus I pray Amen

  5. Thank you Jesu, I give all the praise, I greet my able spiritual father, I receive it O Lord remember me and family has you remember Joseph in my finance, healing and all the good things you have for me and family in Jesus Mighty Name Amen Amen Amen Amen Amen Amen Amen Amen Amen Amen Amen Amen Amen AMen Amen Amen Amen Amenooooooooooooooooooooooo

  6. You are my Moses, Pastor Alph Lukau please be my mentor, I’m aiming higher, in Jesus Christ name. Amen

  7. Amen 🙏 I receive the prayer, Lord remember me & children as you are a husband to the widow & father to the orphans.

  8. Amen Pastor Alph i want the lord please remember me an I’m looking for a mentor that one who will lift me up an not pull me down thank you pastor that great encouragement I received every word in Jesus name.

  9. Pray for me man of God, am in financial dept which even my salary won’t solve and I don’t know how I got into it. If may help praying for me as I’m praying also. As they ppl in the office has sat on my finance, they aren’t working on my file. Please I believe in miracles and I’m trusting God for a miracle.

  10. Pastor ilove you too much.pls pray for me iget this money in Jesus name.my son Freehan he’s surposed to join Jomo kenyatta universty on 2nd semptember.ineed to pay fee by 26th july and i’ve nothing in my hands.pls,pls pastor am requsting pls pray for me God to open my ways of money.

  11. Thank you Jesus I’m free now I know who I am I am what God says I am I can do what God says I can do I received it remember me oh Lord in Jesus name Amen thank you Daddy

  12. Amen i receive it in Jesus might name.iam really inneed of financial breakthrough, healing and restoration in Jesus name Amen.

  13. So it shall be done unto me by the graces of God, My Lord please give me the bank alerts as soon as possible into my bank Account and solve all my loan problems deliver me completely from terrible situation, i make this prayer into the mighty Name of Jesus Amen….Jesus Have mercy on me Amen

  14. Amen pls remember my family especially my children ,pray for my financial breakthrough,.Thank u pastor Alph Lukau for ur prayer n thank u for ur prayer team,may God bless u all

  15. Oh my God I love you. let me receive this prophecy from your servant Pastor Alpha Lukau in Jesus name. Amen Amen.

    Thanks you Jesus for your blessings through the man of God Patsor Alpha Lukau.

  16. Thanks God remember me oh Lord Father God I receive this prophecy today in the name of Jesus amen 🙏🏽 Bank Alert 🚨

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