If You Need Breakthrough In Your Life – Click Here and Say These 3 Powerful Prayers – MAY 27th 2021 (Pastor Alph Lukau)

If You Need Breakthrough In Your Life – Click Here and Say These 3 Powerful Prayers – MAY 27th 2021 (Pastor Alph Lukau)

Thank God for a NEW DAY. Thank Him for His GRACE and MERCY in your life. This is a new day to GROW and ACHIEVE. A new day to be KIND and COMPASSIONATE towards others. Don’t waste it.


You shall make a decree and it shall be established (Job 22:28)
It is well with your family, it is well in your health
You are blessed with the best
Your life is not exposed, your life is hidden with Christ in God
NO weapon formed against you shall prosper
You will testify
You are blessed in the city, blessed in the field
You will move from glory to glory

“Stop reliving your past in your present life because YOUR PAST IS OVER. To look back is a trap of the devil…”

Learn how to conquer your past and enjoy the new life Christ died for you to experience as you receive this riveting Easter sermon from Racine titled, ‘A Life Anew’.

“Each time you want to focus on your future, satan is always there to remind you of your unworthy past in order to provoke your guilt and tarnish your future.”


    • Thank you HEAVENLY Father for everything that you gave me lately.Thank you for being always there in my time of Need. Thank you oh Lord please ou are the only one who know my desire and what we Need. I pray for my Children with all our families. Oh God and Jesus live in us and live in our heart and Soul..We love oh dear HEAVENLY Father. Thank you Alpha Lukau in Jesus Christ <3 Amen.

  1. Father Lord thank you for the new day that you still gave to me , Your Grace and Mercy in the name of my lord Jesus Christ Amen . Father please help me with my financial breakthrough.

  2. In the name of Jesus let it be my lord, may in this beautiful day God’s word come to pass all that God has promised me. From today may i grow from glory to hero and bring more soldiers in the kingdom of God. As of today may i be the head not the tail. May my enemies flee in seven ways all of those who came on one way. May everything Romans 8;28 as of today. AMEN

  3. Amen, l receive it in Jesus Name. Father help me to fulfil my destiny.
    Lord! I need donfound miracle and people will know l m serving you .
    Thank you Daddy..

  4. Thank you Jesus Thank you Prophet Alph,thank you very much true Man of God i believe i recivce todays 3 powerful prayers,its for me oh LORD, Thank you Prophet for your prayer and encouraging daily prophecies in my life ,May God bless and guide and give more powerful day by day to save the children of this Generation,oh Lord show me the way to come out of my trouble in Jesus name i pray ,Glory Glory Glory To GOD in ta highest AMEN

  5. Thank You Jesus, to God be thy glroy I receive it in Jesus Mighty Name Amen Amen Amen Amen Amen Amen AMen Amen Amen Amen AMen AMen Amen Amen Amen Amen Amenoooooooooooooooo

  6. Yes I receive it shall be well with my family in my health and I shall move from glory to glory I must be testify in the mighty name of Jesus Christ .

  7. I receive it in Jesus name. Lord, thank You for Your goodness, mercy and favour; blessed be the name of the Lord, my God. Thank you Prophet Lukau.

  8. Amen….But Lord please help and teach me not to look back in my past. Help me to focus in the present life with you in JESUS NAME. I Degree Iam Rich Iam Beautiful and I am blessed to move from Glory to Glory. Thank you Daddy Alph Lukau for believing in me and pray thoose strong prophetics words for me. Thank you Lord GOD ALMIGHTY for Daddy Alph Lukau.

  9. I decree and declare it is well with me and my Family. We are blessed and covered with the blood of Jesus! Glory to Jesus 🙏🙏🙏


  11. Amen i need a breakthrough in my life papa plz pray for me and my business.Papa i need God grace and his power to be the blessing all around us

  12. Thank you Jesus, thank you for everything you done to me. I love you, I praise you and I worship you oh Jesus you so good to me. let me receive your blessing and move from glory to glory. AMEN

  13. I decree iam healthy
    I decree my poverty life is gone
    I decree my debts are settled
    I decree my kids are blessed
    I decree my stagnant life is over
    I decree iam blessed my past is over thank you Jesus

  14. Thank you Lord for working great miracle into my life and you are prayer answering God i decree and declare the abundance of blessings so it shall be in the mighty name of Jesus Amen Praise God blessed be your name Amen Alleluia

  15. Man of God pray for my mummy my son my daughter and i mummy is sick
    has spirit of fear when she prays she whispers that no one should hear her praying
    in our family house where we were brought up my daughter sees snake in spiritual ram and she fears and I also hear the snake sound in my left ear it’s something which has been for long I don’t prosper, stagnant life,many debts,am also sick paining legs and I always feel something putting in my legs until it reaches my knees every time and when employed I don’t know where my money goes am 45years of age I don’t have anything I can call mine.

  16. Amen, kindly pray for my Financial Breakthrough, Financial Miracles for I am Financially down. My Business partner took my hard earned money as a share capital in the bus. Then suddenly goes no where. Thank you that you will locate them for they have warrant of arrest. Thank you n by FAITH n BELIEVE I WILL RECEIVE in JESUS MIGHTY NAME.

  17. Thank you pastor. Thank you. I belive dat Lord Will open de deur dat i komen in Afrika. I belive in everithing wat going on in cherch. I Will nuiw lefen.i Will lahe niet huilen. I Will do feel. Lord i coling you name jesus jesus. Thank you pastor i dromen you 3..4 time. You are mijn pastor in mijn hart. I Will dat nederland croatia no true lord is in you cherch lord jesus is in lefen. Amen

  18. pastor praise the lord i need your prayer to my family. my both sons done
    engineering till now they did not get good job so please pray for my sons job.
    we are problem in financial need let god do good miracles in home today. Amen &

  19. To God be thy glory, thank you my Maker and finisher of my live, I greet you my spiritual father, I connect and receive my total breakthough, deliverance and all the good things our Powerful Lord has for me and family we receive it in Jesus Mighty Name AMen Amen Amen Amen Amen AMen Amen Amenooooooooooooooo

    • Lord in at the doctors office with my love R. Brewington and he is getting his results from the Urologist. I pray that all goes well with him and I pray for my health just as well that God totally heals me in Jesus name I pray. Amen

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