Meet My Parents , Brothers and Sisters – Pastor Alph Lukau (Full Pictures)

 Meet My Parents , Brothers and Sisters – Pastor Alph Lukau (Full Pictures)

  • – The Devil thought you were alone.. He did not know I was sent to stand with you.. I AM COMING IN YOUR BATTLE FIELD

  • – Whoever stands against you, shall fall before you in Jesus name.

 Reviews : Meet My Parents , Brothers and Sisters – Pastor Alph Lukau (Full Pictures)

Checkout the Pictures below.Meet My Parents , Brothers and Sisters - Pastor Alph Lukau (Full Pictures)

– May your enemies fall before you Today in Jesus name. Speak victory in your life.. WIN


– A man with God is majority. May whosoever stands against you fall, before you in Jesus name.

Sometimes we experience pain that had nothing to do with our choices; it wasn’t our fault. We were doing the right thing and the wrong thing happened. The scripture says, “Rain falls on the just and the unjust.”

You can be the just (honoring God and helping others) and it still rains on your life. There are forces of darkness trying to keep us from our destiny.

God could have stopped the rain, but He didn’t. If He allowed it, even though it’s painful now, if we’ll stay in faith, it will push us toward our destiny.

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  1. Pastor Alph, I need your prayers in my life. I wish I could get your e mail addres as I was sent healing program by a friend through youtube and I searched on facebook with your name. Thank you

  2. Forinda Dube, I pray this moment seeking deliverance from you man of God PastorAlph,I watch your programs every Sunday on Soweto TV, please help me man of God.

  3. Pastor Alph Lakau you have a beautiful family and you are a true man of God this I believe I have never been to Africa and some time when you reference the you tube veweir for me I receive it from God talking thru to me amen

  4. Would be grateful to attend your Holy Ghost service.I am inspired when I watch from Guyana May the Lord continue to bless you

  5. Man of God you have a beautiful family. May our good God continue to protect and keep them in health till they are very very very old in Jesus Christ Name. Since the day, The Lord took me to watch you on YouTube the desire to watch other thing died in me. You are truly a servant of God. The humility, love and compassion you exhume is beyond comparison. May The Lord guide you jealously not to depart from it. May I seize this opportunity to ask for prayer for my darling sister in U.S.A who had stroke and is bedridden and wheelchair bound. The worst now is I don’t know where she is kept now. The state does not want us to know where she is because they want to take over what she has. I am still waiting for my nationality in Spain, please pray that God will favor me with positive report. Finally my son has been missing for years now. My prayer for him is that god should use him as a vessel unto His name.

  6. Hi Pastor Alph Lukau. Please pray for me. There are so many wrong things happening in my life, unhappyness, sadness and money problems. I am not perfect but do agree that I do have a good heart sometimes. I DO LOVE MY KIDS ALOT BUT I EVEN FEEL THAT I FAIL THEM!!! I DON’T EVEN HAVE A HOUSE. I am really unhappy

  7. Hello pastor Alph I have been watching you on YouTube,I see God using you to bless,heal and deliver people all over the world.I am living in America, I need you to pray for me and my family please, I am waiting for my miracles to happen instantly by the grace of the Lord Jesus Christ amen and thank you so much.

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