+10 Top Facts: Biography of Mercy Gono , Age , Nationality , Husband

Mercy Gono
Mercy Gono

Mercy Gono was Born on July 17th 1993 (26 Years Old) , a YouTuber and a Nurse , her Blog , Age , Nationality , Husband and Family details will be revealed below:

Mercy Gono
Mercy Gono

+10 Top Facts About Mercy Gono:

1. Mercy Gono is a black skinned lovely Girl and a registered nurse (RN, BSN)


2. She was born on Born on July 17th 1993 and she is 26 Years Old as at 2019.

3. Mercy Gono is the owner and founder of her popular YouTube Account , Mercy BSN, RN with more than 188K subscribers and 8,601,960 views.

4. She is about 1.5m in height and Chubby in size.

5. She is a graduate of University and a lover of education.

6. Her main aim is to share some great tips and advice on Nursing, Hair, Beauty, Fashion, Lifestyle, and more.

7. She is a devoted Christian and lover of Christ.

Mercy Gono Family
Mercy Gono Family

8. At age of 21 , Mercy Bought her first car.

9. The news of her Boyfriend and Relationship is a secret to herself and not on any social media or news website because she is married.

10. Her goal is to share simple tips and tricks that will help you get through every day life.

11. She is a Mother of 1 (A Lovely Ebony Daughter)