IF You Need Breakthrough , Miracles and Marriage Miracles – Click Here To Join Prayers With Pastor Alph Lukau (April 12th 2019)

Whoever receives the Word – receives God. I pray that God may give you VICTORY through His Word


“People will hurt you, God will heal you
People will humiliate you, God will magnify you
People will judge you, God will justify you”

Believe God above everyone else, He alone is your help. Amen

Prayer For Breakthrough , Miracles and Marriage Miracles

A fasting prayer for seeking God’s understanding and wisdom:

Dear Father,

All praise, honor, and glory belong to You, our immortal, invisible, only true and living God.

You are the revealer of all mysteries and the source of all wisdom and knowledge. In You are all the secrets of the universe, yet You grant us to know the mysteries of Your kingdom. You reveal the deep things of the darkness and bring utter darkness into light.

Thank You for hearing us when we pray and for giving us understanding when we ask You. For sending Your word to us and entrusting us with Your truth.

We praise you for revealing the true knowledge of God’s mystery, Christ Himself, in whom are hidden are all the treasures of wisdom and knowledge.

Like You responded to Daniel, Lord, send Your word to give us understanding.

In Jesus name,



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  1. Thank you pastor lekau for the prayers you sent for me may the good Lord bless you nd give you more power to save his people in Jesus mighty name.

  2. Good morning Daddy Jesus anything you are doing this morning please don’t do it without me

  3. Thank You Jesus, I give you all the praise, I greet you my spiritual father, I connect my father with my spiritual father and I receive the power of God to destroy any power of alter that is speaking against me and family may our good God consume them in Jesus Mighty Name Amen Amen Amen Amen Amen Amenoooooooooooooooo

    1. Thank you God Almighty for the prayers that I have put before you, I pray Jehovah that you will hear and answer me according to thy will, at thy given time that all these difficulties will come to pass, never to come back again untill you come back for the second time to take your people to heaven for eternal life, for thy honour and glory – Amen.

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