MIRACLE MONEY ALERT Prophecy – 2000 People To Receive Heavy Bank Alert Today – Pastor Alph Lukau (Click Here To Claim)

MIRACLE MONEY ALERT Prophecy – 2000 People To Receive Heavy Bank Alert Today – Pastor Alph Lukau (Click Here To Claim)

Day 17/40 | In 2019 – LEARN to PRAY. Learn to trust God even in the most difficult situations.


Be anxious for nothing, but in everything by prayer and supplication, with thanksgiving, let your requests be made known to God;

People are people, they love you today and drop you tomorrow. They smile with you while their hearts are dark toward you. Keep your eyes on God – he is forever true and will never betray you.

I prophesy Wealth and Health in your Life in Jesus name. Something great is about to manifest in your life in this season – Wait for it.

GOD sent me to declare a turn around miracle in your life – Your mockers are about to become your admires – receive it NOW in Jesus name

I see you receiving good news this week. You are about to salute greatness. May your faith work for you.

The next 48 Hours will be significant to your life – God’s Power is about to explode in your life and his grace shall be tangible in your life.


Even when it’s not fair, you can serve your way up. People notice when you go the extra mile. You should be so excellent at work that your company can’t make it without you. Your boss, your supervisor, they think, “Wow, they always do more than they have to. They always solve problems. They always stand out.

They’re always on time.” If you’re gone and your company doesn’t miss you, everything runs just as smooth, then maybe they don’t need you. Maybe they can save that salary. You need to be so productive, so above and beyond, so exceptional, that there’s a gap when you’re not there.

That doesn’t mean you have to have the most talent; it means you know how to serve well.


  1. Am asking for prayer for me and my family at this,am going through a rough time with my financial,I watch you all the time and see how u heal and give people the break through that they needed,so Am asking you to do the same for me.

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