• Pls prophet Alpha Lukau I need money urgent to take Care of my family educational needs in Jesus mighty name Amen.Pls pray for me to overcome this challenges in Jesus name

      • Oh.Man of God..on the 17th..to the 20th I attended services at AMI.but was not be able to meet you even for the imposition of your hands for me and my family..Sunday I had to leave before the service was over..
        Please Man of God ..pray for my son.my grandson..my wife ,my daughter in law and lastly for me..Thank you.

    • Seeking prayers for double folds, financial breakthrough. Destory plans of my enemies, and let my plans to see you Papa live on the up coming IVP be granted in Jesus Name.

    • my prayers to God i want to live good life me and my family,i believe in God and you man of God, my prayer to God is God to pay for me all dept,and prayer also i be faithful to God and family, desire God to give me this car 2019 Pearl Automatic Toyota Land Cruiser Prado, good house
      Karen Unique 5 Bedroom Large House for Sale!! i want this house and money in my account bank where i can use that to take care my family and one orphan i take care of him like my child, another i want to build for God big church in Kenya i hope God willing, and another want my family to love God so much and humble them self to God in Jesus Name

  1. I believed that God is so amazing that can do miracles in Jesus’ Name. I do believed the miracle money that come over my account within the middle of this month in Jesus’ Name. Amen.

  2. I receive miracle money in my bank account in the name of Jesus! Pastor Alph Lukau please pray for my baby son who is 1 year 6 months, he is always sick…

  3. I receive miracle money into my account in the name of Jesus and Pastor Alph please pray for me to get another job with good salary before March, also pray for my relationship with Moses to be strong because he is promising marriage in 5months, also pray for my 3months and few days baby to be in good hands all the time, and for her father to do his responsibility because I feel he abandoned her and it’s not good for her reputation

  4. I receive i believe what my Prophet prophecies in Jesus name Amen,powerful Man of God please pray for my financial breakthrough in Jesus name i pray so shall it be ,Amen

  5. pray for my fathers family deliverance ,my daughter eyes problems cant readbooks well and my fainancial break thruogh (debtness)

  6. I receive miracle money in my bank account by the middle of this month in the mighty name of Jesus.Pastor Alph please pray for divine health for me my 2 kids””Eric and Olwami….I lost my whole family and my kids are all I live for..Please also pray for spirit of witchcraft to live me and my kids alone all those who are digging a grave for me and my kids my please send fire of the holly ghost to them in Jesus might Name .From today I will live for God alone and nothing else.Thank you Papa

  7. I pray that GOD take me to my Next Level and those destined to help me in life should locate me in the name of JESUS Christ. Amen

  8. Amen. Pray for the opening my organization call community social humanitarian project Uganda chapter. And money for my introduction, marriage and wedding with my fiance Atim Stella

  9. Prophecy miracle money in my bank account papa. My prayer request is to get financial break through to finance my study and publish my book, to be employed as a full time lecturer in IUM ongwediva cumpus, pray for me papa to get a nice house and drive my dream car, to complete my masters degree this year with cumulaude. In the year of the overflow i will get my driving license in the mighty name of Jesus.


  11. Man of God i want you to pray for me for money miracle so that i can settle all my debts and support my kids being single mom life is so difficult.

  12. Yes papa I receive miracle money into my account and pray that God may bless me with job this week and I would like to thank God for my brother’s promotion and total deliverance for my sister Aigi, Protection, favour for my daughter Cynthia from her dad okoli Charles.More so quick recovery for my future husband Ben Otto and also promotion, favour at his work place.Thank God for my healing my ears, stomach and above all I have received my total deliverance.

  13. papa prophecy miracle money into my account. I real want to further my study and complete my honours degree. Also pray for me to find job because since I graduated From University I did not get job. I receive in Jesus name.

  14. I pray and believe for God’s favor towards my business so that I be delivered from the spirit of debts which has tormented me for the last two years due to non paid payment of business I did which resulted in me loosing y property which had used as collateral to do finance that government tender. I just pray God’s favour in restoration of my business. I need money money….

  15. Yes papa I receive miracle money on my bank account. Please Papa pray for me to get a job please Papa and pray for my relationship, bless my relationship. I want to have a baby boy papa bless me

  16. Papa please prophecy miracle money into my account. I real need money to further my studies and complete my honours degree. I also want you to pray for me to find job because since I graduated from University I did not get job. I receive in Jesus name.

  17. Amen. Yes prophecy miracle money into my bank account & debt free, let it be for me too in the mighty name of Jesus.

  18. Yes Man of God, please pray for my miracle money into my husband’s bank account as I don’t have an account, I believe that nothing is impossible for God and I will receive it in the Mighty name of Jesus Amen.

  19. Amen Father ,I have been contemplating on telling people who owe me money to pay me back, now I am leaving it to God,thank you Jesus.
    I recieve miracle Money in my bank.

  20. Amen and amen.I receive in Jesus name.my prayer request:I need financial breakthrough. Am believing in God for financial breakthrough.

  21. Ameeen…i receive it n i believe it
    Tank you sir…I pray for Divine conception,Lord i must dedicate my twins dis year,Divine increase and Divine announcement is my portion,i will not loose any of my loved once,in this year i will be a reason why people will not give up,i must build a temple of worship for God, imust travel out of my country Nigeria dis year…I and my husbands status will change in this year All this i pray and ask inJesus name Amen…pray for me my papa

  22. Plse Man of God I need miracle money into my Bank Account immediately and I Thank you for your kindness praying on our behalf. .Praise Jesus. ..

  23. Daddy just as I have witnessed you praying for miracles that happened, please pray for N$250 000 miracle money in my bank account..thank you Jesus as I receive this prophecy in Jesus name Amen.

  24. I receive that money in my bank account in Jesus name…. Man of God pray for financial breakthrough, need to be free from every captivity of alters, covenants, curses, following me my husband and simplings. Thanks

  25. I receive PAPA, I really have financial problems and have been staying in debts. Thank you Jesusssssssssssss my Father.

  26. I receive in the name of almighty Jesus ..Pastor please pray for a miracle money for me and my wife so we can be able to pay for our daughter school fees and be able to save for the unborn angel

  27. There is my bank account man of God FNB 62646332289 pls pray for it Amen miracle money is mine devil every cent u have stolen from me is coming back in Jesus name my daddy is Alph Lukau

  28. I receive the money of miracle by your prophecy,in the name of Jesus Christ our Lord.
    And I pray for total healing and the lord’s salvation for me and my family. Amen.

  29. Pastor Alph by FAITH, prophesy that I will receive miracle money this month exceedingly, abundantly, all that I could every hope are dream of I recieve in advance in the name of Yeshua HaMashiach AMEN

  30. I request prayer for promotion and I have applied for a position of procurement officer and senior procurement officer at the Ministry of Law am currently working for, build my own house, growth of my business, financial breakthrough, cancellation of debts, settlement of my outstanding fees at the Cape Peninsula University of Technology so that they can release my certificate for Masters Business Administration,those who owe me to pay me, win the court case and the guy who has hit my car to pay the expenses of fixing the car, my brother Seloka and sister Relebohile to get permanent job and my sister’s son Mats’ohlo to get the financial and help for his ear operation, healing my mom from arthritis, peace and calm in my marriage, my husband is an alcoholic and womanizer and the miracle money in my bank account.

  31. I believe and have faith that i will receive my miracle money today in Jesus name for me to live a debt free life prophesy for my man of God i put my trust in you that you will pray for me Amen amen i receive

  32. Pastor am trying to click on submit your prayer but i can’t I receive money in my bank account in Jesus name so shall it be it cannot be other wise the man of god has spoken and he never lies I will receive money in my bank account

  33. Thank You Jesus, I greet you my spiritual father, me and family receive our miracle money, good health, and permanent healing for my elder brother to receive his sight, total deliverance, total financial breakthrough, provision, protection, marriage, travelling, houses and all the good things God has for us Amen Amen Amen Amen Amen Amen Amen Amen Amen Amen men Amen Amen Amen Amen Amen Amen Amenoooooooooooo

  34. My Papa,I seriously need Miracle Money, I am in a serious debt,pray for my marriage, career for me and my husband.Deliverance in my family.

  35. Amen pastor I need to be DEBT free an I receive that miracle in Jesus name I always believe in your prophecy powerful an humble man of God you are thank u for the word of encouragement.

  36. Amen pastor I need to be DEBT free an I receive that miracle in Jesus name I always believe in your prophecy powerful an humble man of God you are thank u for the word of encouragement.

  37. Good morning my spiritual father thank you Jesus I receive the prophecy miracle money into my bank account in the name of Jesus Christ’s amen. So shall it be it cannot be orderwise. My son wants a job permanent healing for me and my family and total deliverance for my sister Nelissa life amen. Thank you Jesus.

  38. man of God,I believe god and i believe you. I known that your God live.
    I need today prophecis : miracle money !
    So pray for me. I need miracle job and financial breakthought. I need miraculy money to pay my rent. Please help me !
    So pray for me because my husband the father of my child leaf us and take a young girl.
    I need and i call divine intervention of owesome God.
    Thank you Lord for giving us your servant Past Alph LUKAU.
    Thank you man of God.

  39. My father *I receive the miracle money in my bank account. Thank you for interceding on my behalf.
    My prayer request is that my son be healed on Asthma.

  40. L’or et l’argent appartiennent à Dieu. Seigneur par le biais de ton fidèle serviteur Alph Lukau, daignes renflouer mes finances. Tu es fidèle Seigneur, JE RECOIS SELON TA PROPHETIE

  41. Good day Man of God.Pray for miracle money in my bank account and my debt cancellation. Pray for financial stability in my house. Thank you Pastor Alph Lukau.

  42. Waou papa , i réceive it, i réceive it , i réceive it
    , i trust you be aussi i found my forts miracle What you prophétise last yesterday, bé yesterday , i found my sinter intership, not on thé ministry WhatsApp i need but God provide me in my university, Glory in the name of Jesus
    Mon anglais n est pas bon mais je voulais témoigner de mon premier miracle que Jesus a fait dans ma vie par vous papa Alph Lukau , j ai obtenu mon stage divers comme je l ai demandé, ce n est pas au ministère du conseil exécutif comme je le voulais mais à l université ou j ai étudié ma maîtrise
    Je voulais absolument un stage en hiver et Dieu me l a donné sans que je n ai appliqué j ai été sollicité par le professeur sans appliquer comme toutes les applications que j ai fait pour les ministères
    Gloire à Dieu, papa Alph Lukau vous êtes réellement un homme de Dieu donc je vous crois et accepte que votre prophétie à propos de l argent se réalise et j attends ce miracle impatiemment, puisque je doit aller vous rencontrer le 23 février je quitte le 21 février si cela se réalise quelque soit le montant je donnerai le 1/3 a Allelua Ministry international
    Priez papa pour que le goitre a mon cou disparaisse que les taches noires de mes mains disparaissent que Dieu me donne mon poste au bureau du surintendant des institution financière ou à Hydroquebec comme nouveau diplômé aspirant cadre , qu il me donne un mari riche qui va m aimer et me cherir ,qu il le donne aussi à ma fille Valerie Beossoum qu il bénisse tous mes enfants ma fille Florence au Cameroun qui va accoucher son premier enfant que mon fils Jean Claude soit bénit et nommé ministre au Tchad
    Que ma fille Lucienne au Sénégal obtienne son poste à l international et que Dieu nous lui donne un bon mari que ma fille Grâce qui rêve de faire les affaire puisse désormais réaliser son rêve avec la prophetie que papa tu es entrain de prononcer sur moi
    Merci papa pour tout que Dieu continue à vous oindre et bénir et qu il bénisse votre extraordinaire ministère
    Bernadette Neradene
    514 839 2967

  43. i receive this prophesy in Jesus name .Amen
    Man of God pray my employer FHRI to get divine donors to fund our organisation.

  44. Papa I need your prayers to ease and finish my financial strain.I’m having sleepless nights trying to figure out how to come out of this bondage.Please connect me with God to love and cherish Him.

  45. Am from the philippines.i want to pay all our debts.people we owed money are pressuring us even today.prophesy to me money in my bank atm .i believe i rrcieve in JESUS NAME.

  46. It shall be done Amen Praise the Lord Alleluia Lord I’m waiting and dreaming for my financial blessings day Amen Amen God bless man of God Alph Lukau Amen

    • i am waiting for my miracle, my financial blessing,i want this miracle in my life, i need my miracle papa to repay my mortgage which weighs me and rots my life financially, my financial situation must change , enought is enought in the name of Jesus, i trust you papa because i found my first miracle

  47. Papa pray for me for finacial break through miracle money and fruit of the womb .family deliverance from all attacks and diseases

  48. Please pray for my financial breakthrough and a good health for my entire family,I have watched and believe that you’re a true man of God. It’s my wish to see you someday God willingly.Amen.

  49. Pastor pray for me m in need of money to pay school fees for my kids my elder son want to go back to school now i dont have money to pay for him oooh God make that miracle money in my bank accounts. Amen

  50. papa ^priez pour la protection de mon fils Jean Claude Dogonal gouverneur adjoint a Moussoro au Tchad, car il ya de combat violent la bas, pour que le Seigneur Jesus le protege avec sa famile, ses jumeaux stp papa, je sais que tu peux faire ce miracle dans le vie de mon fils papa, je te le confie

  51. I am believing and trusting in God for my financial break-through, that I would be debt free and money will be in my bank account. In Jesus name, I pray. Amen

  52. I believe and trust in God for my financial breakthrough, I need money and I want God to bless me with miracle money in my bank accounts. In Jesus name, I pray. Amen


  53. Pray for me my house in Kenya burned and electric company are having officials are delaying need God to intervene also my business is not doing well need prayers papa pray for me

  54. I connect to the grace on you sir( man of God) Pastor Alph Lukua and receive my miracle money in my bank account before the end of this week in Jesus name ,,,,, Amen,,,

  55. yes, Pastor Alph Lukau, no one can doubt what God commanded, am now waiting with joy and happiness. please prophesy money into money bank account in Jesus name Amen. may the Almighty God bless you and blessings us through you

  56. Yes Pastor Alph Lukau, no one can doubt what God had commanded, am now waiting with joy and happiness because God is the giver. please, Pastor, prophesy money into my bank account in Jesus name.., amen. may the Almighty God bless you and bless us through you.., Amen

    • Pastor Alph Lukau I pray for financial breakthrough, I need a lot of money for my son’s school fees, laptops and other needs he has in school. Secondly, I need to upgrade our house and new, lounge sweet, pickup dbl cap, motorbikes, mower and weed eater..Thanks for praying for us.

  57. Pastor alph lukau I pray for for a turnaround in my life in this year 2019 I need money for a lot of things fees for my daughters at college. Build or buy a house of my own. A car for the first time. Paying for my drugs. Daily running of my home. I am the bread winner yet sickness made helpless to help myself and family.

  58. Amen papa i need so much plz prayfor me that God will do above what i expectDaddy.papa plz pray for the divind healingin my family becos no progress on my brother family

  59. Man of God, thank you for the word today. Honestly touch my heart and encourage me more when I’m tormented with devils. Please, I am humbly request to help me with my financial situation. Lots of loans and fees to pay this week unfortunely my salary is not enough. I need a pay rise. Man of God pls help me this month.

  60. Amen pastor I pray for my son after successfully passing his exam i pray for him to be hired for a job in Saudi Arabia with a high salary. I needed God to send a destiny helper to locate him. Pray for him to keep or save his money for further studies. If he can get another source to generate income. TO HELP Us.

  61. Pastor pray for husband to cooperate with my family financially because he has not been doing that in the past years. Pray for him to have something to generate income for ourselves.

  62. Pastor pray for my daughters to be creative in other areas besides their field of studies. To help us have extra money to solve our problems.

  63. Thank you pastor for the miracle money in my account. I decree and declare abundantly financial breakthrough in Jesus mighty name. Thank you man of God I received it.

    • I récrive it in thé mame or Jesus papa help , i need this miracle un my Life i havé Morgane full papa and i widow

  64. Man of God I thank you for praying for me so that I will receive a financial blessing and I also am praying for my husband and sons promotion. Also I have three girlfriends that have breast cancer and I am praying for there complete healing. My last son I pray for his complete healing from seizures and my heart desire with my documents. I thank you and I pray also for you and your family for loving each and everyone of us unconditionally.


    • Man of God please pray for me miracle money in my bank account i receive in the mighty name of Jesus. Amen I receive it in the mighty name of Jesus.

  66. Papa I need miracle money in my account and I have faith in God through your spoken word and I receive it in Jesus name amen.

  67. I want every of mine husband’s debt to people to be taken of by Almighty God. That our finances shall be overflowing in Jesus name.

  68. Good day pastor l need financial prayer and healing prayer.l am a window with children and my health is not good and my financial l am also in debts

  69. in Jesus mightly name of Christ Amen Lord i received oh Lord
    pray papa pray for my husband account He is full of debts living on loan we need God hands sm paulus first national bank namibia FNB account:62252695914 branch code:282672 arandis we need miracles money to our bank in Jesus mightly name we receive by fire by force Thank you Lord for taking us out of porvety Hallelujah petrina from namibian

  70. Bonjour pasteur,
    L’Etat me doit des millions depuis 11ans et ne veut pas me payer;je vis dans la honte;je veux mon argent avant la fin de la semaine prochaine au nom de Jésus Christ.
    Mon fils aîné a des troubles de comportement
    depuis 22ans.
    je suis fatiguée, j’ai un besoin urgent de votre aide pasteur.Merci

  71. I receive!! I Receive a Huge Amount of MIRACLE MONEY , God is about to bless me AGAIN.
    Lord Life id Fragile. Please let me have a healthy godly relationship with my children and the ones I love. Unspoken prayer!! I receive a miracle in Jesus name!!

  72. I receive all your prayers, my Prophet. My family my children togetherness, debt cancellation over my finances, all my money released by fire by force, wisdom & discernment, divine protection over my household.


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