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Zoom Prayer Me

For some of you who have been awaiting for the promises of God to become a reality in your life, allow me to confirm that if He spoke it, that word cannot return until it prospered first.

So realize that, that word has a mission to be accomplished and to prosper everything it comes in contact with. Don’t get discouraged by the timing of things because God isn’t bound by deadlines, He more concerned about His timing and where you are to the proximity to your promise.


Understand that once His word intersects with you it will be a the perfect time as well as be enough to replenish anything that you believe was lost during your preparation stage.

By the time word gets back to God you will look more like your promise and nothing like your problems. So do not worry, what you thought was held up is on it’s way with a mission to change your life forever.

Pastor Alph Lukau Miracle Time

Regardless of what’s happening around you stand strong in your faith to the point that if that’s all you have left it’ll be just what you needed.

Consider this, your faith and expectation is your currency to buy your way into new realms of breakthrough.

Invest into your next miracle by setting your bar at “blessings or bust” and I promise you that God will meet you exactly where you invite Him into. You’re not crazy, you just believe God is going to do some great things this season…..Watch Him Work.