Start This Week With Pastor Alph Lukau : 3000 Bank Alerts For All The Participants – Click Here (April 29th 2019)

Start This Week With Pastor Alph Lukau : 3000 Bank Alerts For All The Participants – Click Here (April 29th 2019)

When we face difficulties, one of the best things we can do is find a promise in the scripture and remind God what He said about us. “God, You promised I would lend and not borrow. You promised my children will be mighty in the land. You promised with long life You will satisfy me.” Isaiah said, “Put God in remembrance of His promises.”


As we’re going through life, fighting the good fight of faith, one challenge we all have to face is weariness. It’s easy to get tired, but Paul said in Galatians 6:9, “Don’t get weary in well doing.” God knew weariness would come.

Otherwise, He wouldn’t have told us not to get weary. But let me encourage you; your time is coming. Your due season is on the way.

The Battle of Character (1 Samuel 18:6-9)

God anointed David but Saul became jealous and insecure
The anointing of God has the ability to take you from the back to the front.
When the anointing is present you will be visible, you will be seen.

An anointed man cannot fall.
No matter who stands against him, he comes out of every battle VICTORIOUS


  1. Amen I receive this week’s prophecy in Jesus mighty name may I receive supernatural money now as its monthend tomorrow I must pay rent, send money to my child at school as NSFAS has not paid for her up until now I am a struggling single parent Pastor Alph working for Insurance getting paid with commission please Pastor I really need financial breakthrough.

    • Please dear God Cover me with your financial miracle. I am ask you dearly my father that you see my struggle and my unsettle Situation with financial. Please let go off the evil out of my way and way. So that you give me and fullfill our today, tomorrow with your miracle so that we can plan and help others. In Jesus Amen

    • Please pray for me and my grandchildrens and my relatives…right nw I’m broke but with God all things or possible

    • Thank you God. Please Oh my Lord bless me with your bank alert miracle money. Remember God you promised me I will not be abeger but i will be a rewarder. Thank you Jesus I receive my bank alert.

  2. I receive it in Jesus’s name miracle money I really need pay my tith and and solve my problems… Pastor Alph please I request u kindly to pray for me I really need that money in Jesus’s name Amen

  3. Thank you Jesus, thank you for give me victory against my enemy. rain your blessings upon me my lord and my savior. I love you and I belongs to you.

    Papa Alpha Lukau let me among 3000 people that receive this supernatural miracles in Jesus name.

  4. Amen holy spirit please Dnt pass me by, let me be among thse 3000 persons, I recv, my break through, new good paying job, promotion en my marriage in Jesus name Amen

  5. Good morning Pastor Alph Lukua. Greeting from Finland.
    Thanks for laying your most powerful hands on countless number of people yesterday during the second Service. I deeply appreciate your strength and your willingness to bless humanity as much as possible.
    To be honest, I asked myself, why shouldn’t this happened during my two most expensive journey to AMI last year December during the IVP until I left for Finland January 17 2019 and again during my visit last February until I return back to Finland February 27 this year?
    Despite my tireless efforts to be touched by you and waking up as early as 3AM so that I could be seated at the first row or least third row where I can be located by Pastor Alph Lukua, but nothing happened for all my duration of stay with so much Money spent? Satan has been tormenting me sore.
    But yesterday, you graciously called out those who come from Outside South Africa to come forward so that you could laying your hands and touched everyone. I started crying why not during my two most expensive visits to AMI?
    Nevertheless, I rejoiced greatly that countless number of people were blessed, Their joy my joy.
    Last Friday, you spoke out a thought provoking in a brutal sentence against those of us who are struggling financially, (when a certain man who bought a Range Over car to his girl friend) and this is the sentence: “Dried up Poverty” since that night, I have been affirming the sentence over and by declaring it to my life: Dried up poverty in my life.
    Could you through your Mercy just speak the same word to me by saying on my behalf: “”Dried up Poverty in Daniel Osho Life”” I am sure, your Voice has much more mega TONE weight compared to my declaration of the same sentence.
    Thanks a lot for your blessings in my life here in Finland. It is not easy for me at all.

  6. Thank you Jesus Thank you My Prophet Alph ,I receive todays prophycy in Jesus name,oh Lord to remember me i am in difficult situation i cannot to without you oh Lord have mercy on me ,I put my faith in you oh Lord i am sinner wash me and cleanse me through the blood of Jesus Christ ‘Abba let me be among 3000 people receive miracle Bank Alert ‘In JESUS name i pray Amen Amen Amen Amen

  7. Thank you man of God, may I receive miracle money today 29 April 2019 in the name of Jesus, so that I may clear all my debts.

  8. Papa pls pray for me I’m on suspension for password sharing. I know I did wrong but I believe in the God of impossible. I need a miracle in Jesus Name.

    • I always follow you Pastor, i need your prayers especially miracle money prayer. I have a lot of debts which needs to be cleared but the money is nowhere to be found.

  9. Amen. Dear pastor en ami i often dream and i do not explain. I dreamed before friday that a woman beaten to mej son. Iam than beaten her so feel. Today i dreamed my sad. He is normal dead. My good friend in croatia. Which is waiting for me in me sad huis old huis. Croatia.. Me sad enter in huis in Pink t schrt skinny. I kiss him and i am going to my son bring he huis

  10. Thank you Jesus I will get miracle in this month bcoz you only provider and I receive. The miracle money in the name of Jesus amen

  11. I receive it in Jesus mighty name. Amen. Lord, You promise that whatever we ask in the name of Your Son Jesus Christ, it will be done. Father, I put my spousal relationship before You right now and ask for healing and restoration in Jesus name. I await Your miracle mighty God. Amen!

  12. Amen I receive it in Jesus Name
    Your promises Lord are yes and Amen,,,my expectations will not be cut off,,I will fullfill my assignment in Jesus Name because you are true my father,,,,,
    In Jesus Name I pray Amen

  13. I receive my miracle money in Jesus Christ name, I’m debts man of God pray for me. I trust in God and I trust in you as a servant of God, everything you say shall come to pass, in the name of Jesus. You are “Alph Lukau “🇧🇼🇧🇼🇧🇼

  14. Good Morning Daddy!

    thank you so much again for the daily, weekly devotions, they heal my soul, spirit, my heart.

    Love you so much.

  15. Thank You Jesus, I greet you my spiritual father, I receive my bank alert in Jesus Mighty Name Amen Ame, Amen Amen Amen Amen Amen Amenooooooooooooooooooooo

  16. I received it in Jesus name Amen. I am out of Job Man of God. Please pray for me. I am in Liberia I can not find my way out. Things are not good with me. Trouble in my marriage, no money. I believe in You Man of God.

  17. Amen, l receive it in Jesus Name.
    Daddy please pray for me:
    – may God expose my hiding enemies and destroy them
    – may God fight my unseen battle and give me victory
    – healing for my mother
    – spiritual, financial and marital breakthrough.
    Thank you Daddy.


  19. Father I’m facing a serious spiritual problem I can’t understand my life, please pray for me.
    I also pray for Bank alert this week.

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