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I am speaking to someone who is waiting on his/her miracle to manifest. God will BLESS you because He is FAITHFUL. His faithfulness is not limited by situations. His faithfulness is not limited by time. He is God by Himself. The Eternal Self Existing God. His word in your life will come to pass the devil like it or not!

The devil is a liar. Who told you that you cannot drive your own car? Buy your own house? Get married and have your children? Who said you cannot prosper in your finances? This Week, God will ERASE every line of limitation. Get ready to jump to your MIRACLE, to your blessing, to your testimony. Who am I speaking to?



If you’re going to reach your destiny, you have to learn to kiss things goodbye. You’re not going to understand everything that happens. People may walk away. Life may not turn out the way you had planned.

It’s tempting to get bitter, to hold a grudge, to lose your passion. Kiss the bitterness goodbye. Kiss the person that left you goodbye.

K1ss the dream that didn’t work out goodbye.

God wouldn’t have allowed it to happen if He didn’t have something new in front of you.